What is a platform? Being the architect of your own project is only the first step towards success as an artist or writer. Your platform is your connection to your audience and includes: website blog social networks conferences book signings art exhibits speaking engagements appearances on radio and television These are only a handful of […]

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GI Joe Art by Robert Atkins

I’ve been following the artwork of Robert Atkins for some time now and he recently posted a commission he did, along with various iterations of the piece throughout production. I thought this piece was so cool, I decided to do a flash motion graphic showing the different stages of design. Below is a partial image […]

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Las Vegas Real Estate Guide

This simple guide is a follow up to an article I wrote recently about buying homes in Las Vegas. That article, titled Buying Homes in Las Vegas, discusses the current state of real estate in Las Vegas and suggests that it might be a good time for investors and home buyers, who are well prepared […]

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Buying Homes in Las Vegas

Buying homes in Las Vegas is poised to, once again become a viable opportunity for real estate investors and home buyers. Furthermore, recovery of the economy in and around Las Vegas will largely depend on real estate investors and home buyers having ample opportunities in the local market. It’s my opinion that Real Estate sales […]

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Surviving A Bad Real Estate Deal

Previously I mentioned my friend who found himself in a bad situation because he rushed into buying a home. We catch up with him, still living in the same house with the same back breaking mortgage and the same ridiculous pre payment penalty. I’ll say this a million times if I say it once home […]

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Home Buying Disaster

Buying homes in Las Vegas will be very interesting in 2006. The number of resources available to buyers continues to increase along with the amount of competition among Realtors. Searching for real estate in the Las Vegas market offers many obstacles without the proper guidance from a quality Realtor. Internet resources include real estate listing […]

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