8 Home buying tips to improve your chances of getting a new home.

Here are 8 tips to help you when buying a home. Whether you are buying your first home, buying a new home or buying an investment home, these home buying tips are invaluable to any home buyer.

Know your credit score
Don’t even think about starting your search for a home without knowing your credit score. Knowing your credit score allows you to accurately predict how much money you qualify to borrow and how much your estimated monthly payments will be.

Know how much money you qualify for
The more informed you are before making a purchase the better your chances are at getting a home you can afford to keep. During the real estate boon in recent past many home buyers found that they could afford to “Buy” a much more expensive home than they could afford to “Keep”. This was a major factor in the decline of the real estate industry across the US.

Know the maximum monthly payment you can afford
Know it and don’t exceed that. Many families have found out the hard way what a huge mistake it is to buy a loan that they can’t afford. Determine how much you can afford based on todays income not what you might make two years from now. One of the most deceptive tactics used by loan agents is to entice home buyers into a bigger loan then they can afford by offering an interest only loan. More on this later.

Choose your loan wisely
You don’t have to pick the first loan that a mortgage company offers you or even do business with the first mortgage company that offers you a loan. Do your homework and find a loan that is right for you and will be right for you years from now. It costs money to refinance if you can’t afford your loan a few years down the road, and there’s no reason to leave money on the table due to a bad decision made on impulse.

Find your home
After you determine how much you can afford you are ready to start search for your home. Use all methods available to find potential properties and make a list of the top 10 or 15 homes that within your search citeria. Click here to start your Search for Las Vegas Homes

Do most of the footwork yourself
There are several methods to finding potential homes that you can undertake without the assistance of a Realtor. In the end it’s best to have the expertise of a professional real estate salesman, but you can do a lot of the footwork yourself. Chances are you’ll end up doing most of the work anyway, so prepare yourself in advance by knowing what you’re looking for.

Find a trustworthy Realtor
There are so many Realtors that you can pretty much go to any social gathering and meet at least one, but it’s important to find one that you can trust. Attempt to build a relationship with your Realtor and get to know them on a personal level before doing business with them. If they are willing to take time out of their busy schedule to give you personal attention then they most likely have a sincere interest in helping you.

After you find a home
Once you find a home, there are still somethings you need to consider before making that final decision.

  • Be sure your Realtor provides you with comparable pricing for houses in the surrounding community.
  • Check out the schools and amenities that affect the future value of homes in the neighborhood.
  • If the house is older determine the condition of the major appliances including the AC / Heating unit and Water Heater.
  • Consider buying insurance for those appliances in case they go out shortly after you move in.

Best of luck to you, and good hunting.