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Avengelyne Armegeddon Issue 1 Cover Art

Original comic book cover art for Avengelyne: Armegeddon Issue 1, valued at $2,500.00 USD

Comic Book Art continues to attract collectors and investors alike. The allure of the comic book has long been a driving force in the thriving world of comic art investing.

Comic books aren’t just for kids. A growing number of people continue to invest a significant amount of time and money into collecting comic books and comic book art.

Comic art originals are typically penciled by one artist and then inked by a second artist. All of these original works are done by hand and submitted to the publisher for publication.

After publishing the original art, the published art is returned to the artist. These pieces are called original art returns. The original art returns are owned by the artists and the artists retain full rights to distribute the art in original form.

This creates an amazing opportunity for collectors and investors.

Comic Art Depot offers Original Comic book art for your collection.

Our online gallery features original comic book art from many popular titles as well as several little known titles that may one day become priceless treasures.

Several artists showcased on Comic Art Depot have worked for Marvel Comics, Image Comics and DC Comics. The list of comic book titles in our comic art gallery include XMEN, Alpha Flight, Daredevil, Silver Surfer, Spawn / Wildcats, Allegra, Avangelyne and many more.


Have you made the decision, or are you considering investing in comic book art?

Do you have an interest in making an investment that you can enjoy over the years as your collection continues to appreciate in value?

Are you a serious collector that is looking for a new type of collectible to add to your collection?

If so, original comic book art is right for you. We offer a full range of original comic book art including titles from your favorite comic books.

Comic Book Art remains a profitable investment in the world of Comic Book Collectors will continue to do so. Choose from our growing selection of original comic book art and enjoy your investment for years to come.

In 2002 CBR News reported that actor Nicholas Cage sold his collection of 400 rare comic books for $1.6 million dollars. What will your collection be worth years from now?

Comic Art Depot offers hundreds of original art pieces from many favorite comic book titles. Here are just a few of the original comic book titles we offer to help you diversify and add value to your collection:

  • Alpha Flight
  • Avangeline: Armageddon
  • Cable

Our goal is to provide you with top quality original comic book art that you can add to your collection and enjoy for years to come.

Call today if you have questions or are interested in making an offer on any of the comic art pieces we have available.