Dating Service

This is the last of some old posts I recently found that were written several years ago.

Originally posted Mar 9, 2006

Although there are hundreds of dating services available already, most are not up to the expectations of their users. MySpace has moved into the lead because of it’s focus on community interaction. Plus it doesn’t cost users anything to create a profile, their own page and interact with others openly.

If you want to get a dating service off the ground in this highly competetive time, it must be free, encourage open interaction with other users, allow users freedom of expression, and generate cash flow through other means than charging the users.

The name of your dating service will have to be catchy, 2 – 3 syllables, incite curiosity, be easily spelled and memorable. Take a look at the top 10 websites in the world. Not only do they offer great services, the domain names all have certain commonalities.

1 – They are either 2 or 3 syllables

2 – They all have less than 10 characters

3 – They are easy to remember

4 – They are easy spell

This brings me back to an earlier idea I had written about, which would allow people to post, as well as search for words by syllables. See my post titled Syllable Words for more information.

My next thoughts are leaning towards a jobs site. More on that later.

Update Feb 6, 2011 – What I find interesting in reading this old post is that, once again I had nailed the core concepts that are prevalent in today’s top social media websites. If only I had been more persistent in flushing out these concepts. Well, maybe I’ll just look down the road a few years and see if I can catch some more emerging trends before they become mainstream.