Digital Imaging

Digital imaging is the process of creating digital images from physical objects and includes processing, compression, storage, printing, and display of the digital images after they are rendered into digital format.

Digital Imaging

Though there are several methods of digital imaging, the following are the primary techniques I use for the capture and creation of digital images.

Digital Photography

Digital Photography – Digital images are created from a physical scene by a digital camera or other digital device. Once created the digital images can then be modified or enhanced using the following methods.


Digital images can be obtained by scanning images in an analog medium, such as photographs, photographic film, or printed paper. Andrew Hall Design can scan your prints, negatives, transparencies and documents. Once digitized these images can be edited, customized, enhanced or simply archived onto a CD or sent to you via The Cloud for permanent storage.

Large Scale Scanning

Creating a digital archive of valuable artwork, maps and other large format images, that are typically too large for conventional scanners, used to require the use of specialized scanning equipment and available only in highly specialized facilities. This made the process very expensive, sometimes hard to find a convenient location to get files produced. With advances in modern day, high resolution digital photography, this process can be much less expensive and far more convenient. If you’re interested in learning more about this process please read the summary of Artwork Photography on my Digital Photography Page.


a complete range of digital editing services. Your photos or documents can be brought back to life with digital processing.

Color enhancement – If that photo of your wedding day, or your baby’s birth have faded and look old, then it may be time to have it reprinted, but so many times the only surviving copy of the photo is the photo itself. Scan your existing image and bring back the color and detail of the original photo through digital enhancement.

Repair wrinkles and cracks – Those classic photos of great grandparents that barely survive the test of time deserve a restoration. Even if it’s just for passing them on to future generations. Scan your old photos and restore them to as close to original quality as humanly possible. After a full restoration of your photos has been rendered, the photos are printed on a high gloss photo paper and archived on CD for your keepsake.

Restore damaged or missing sections – This form of restoration is by far the most difficult to attain. Recreate most types of missing or damaged areas; however results can sometimes be undetermined at the time of consultation.

Special Effects – enhance your personal photos by digitally manipulating them down to the pixel. Scan your photos and email them to us, or send us the original photo and we’ll create a digital copy of it for you. Once we have a digital image of your photo to work with, your options of what we can do with it are limited only by your imagination.