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  • Outreach Marketing With NinjaOutreach
    An interview with NinjaOutreach Founder / COO Mark Samms. NinjaOutreach is a SaaS Application that allows subscribers to manage multiple facets of their marketing campaign. Some of the outreach opportunities you can manage via NinjaOutreach are: Outreach to other website owners / bloggers for link opportunities Outreach for guest blogging opportunities Outreach for B2B services […]
    Social Media Marketing in today’s world. Social Media Marketing Is Vital To The Success Of Your Online Presence. Most people to look to the Internet for information, opportunities and entertainment. A trend that will not end soon. You as a business owner need to understand that your Online Presence is integral in your efforts to grow […]
  • Reaching More Customers with Mobile and SMS Marketing
    Mobile marketing is still a relatively new strategy and offers some significant advantages over traditional advertising campaigns. If you plan to incorporate mobile marketing into your marketing campaign consider the following: The number of ways to reach consumers continues to increase with the popularity of the mobile Internet. There are several important issues for businesses […]
  • Using Social Media to Increase Traffic and Help SEO
    Social Media is the use of technology to interact and communicate with other people primarily via the Internet or mobile devices. Social media includes information sharing such as blogging, podcasts and music and video sharing as well as an assortment of other capabilities that can be used to improve your web presence. I’ve broken these Web […]
  • Social Networking Tools I Use
    Just thought I’d share some of the social networking tools I use and how. I  primarily use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. I also use Google Places for my business listing, but there are many other online directories that can be used to get exposure for one’s business, such as, Kudzu, MerchantCircle and a variety […]
  • How to avoid social media burnout.
    If you’ve ever felt like you’re spending too much time on social media, or it’s a waste of time, you’re not alone. While social media is a powerful communication tool and can be a vital part of your daily routine, it’s easy to fall into the trap of spending too much time at it. So […]
  • How to build your Twitter following quickly.
    This excerpt from my interview with Internet Marketer Phil Hampton explains in great detail how he managed to build an impressive Twitter following in only a few months using Tweetadder. How did you build your Twitter following so quickly? According to FollowerHub you started using Twitter in October of 2010. In just one year you’ve developed […]
  • Turning Your Website Into a Profitable Enterprise
    Interview with Internet Marketer Phil Hampton Part II In Part II of my interview with Internet Marketer and Founder of The Comic Academy Phil Hampton, we cover how he plans to turn his business into a profitable enterprise and he shares his future goals for The Comic Academy. Advertising and Banners Ads I’ve noticed there […]
  • Internet Marketing to Promote Your Business
    Interview with Internet Marketer Phil Hampton Part I I recently had the opportunity to have an in-depth interview with a real Internet marketer. Phil Hampton started The Comic Academy a little over a year ago and is seeing some real growth in his business, by implementing a multitude of Internet Marketing strategies. His website and […]
  • Twitter as a Marketing Tool
    Using Twitter as a marketing tool is really not hard to do, but it does take quite a bit of work. Keep in mind that online marketing is not a one-time event. You can not expect results if you simply run a single campaign for a couple weeks and then stop. Even with Pay-per-click advertising you will only get results as long as you are running the campaign. So remember with Internet marketing it’s about long term commitment and consistency.
  • Using social media to promote your blog or website.
    Increasing numbers of people are looking to the Internet for information, opportunities and entertainment and that trend will continue. Understanding that a website is an increasingly effective strategy to reach a larger community, expand brand awareness and build relationships and trust in your target market is key to maintaining a successful website. Any person or […]
  • Business Survival in ’09
    This month I interview Dr. Farshad Athari, DDS, Founder of PleasantSmiles Dentistry. Dr. Athari shares some of the strategies and insights he uses to combat this tough economy. Introduction:Dr. Farshad Athari, DDS, is founder and lead dentist of PleasantSmiles Dentistry located in North Las Vegas, NV. Dr. Athari started his practice just over a year […]
  • Marketing Insights – Part II
    Previously, I interviewed Brian Rouff with Imagine Marketing and this is the second part of that interview. The response to part 1 was excellent and I’m sorry it’s taken so long to get part 2 to your inbox. Thank you for your patience and support. In part 2 of our interview Brian answers the following […]
  • Marketing Insights – Part I
    This month I interviewed Brian Rouff, managing partner for one of Las Vegas’ top marketing firms Imagine Marketing. Brian is a published author of two books and countless articles, he’s an excellent writer and has over three decades of experience in marketing. I’ve known Brian a little over two years and in that time both […]
  • Dealing with a down economy
    This is one of several articles in which I ask a client or strategic partner of AMI to share some of the strategies and insights they are using to combat this tough economy. This series is designed to educate and encourage you by introducing ideas from other entrepreneurs and to increase exposure to those sharing […]