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Syllable Words

This is the third post I recently found which was written years ago.

Originally posted Feb 15, 2006:

I recently had another brainstorm that I want to share with everyone. Syllable Words.

The concept is based on Wikipedia where community members can add to, edit or dispute the content published within the website. If you’re not familiar with Wikipedia visit the website and find out more about it. This innovative website is what the future of the Internet will look like.

Back to Syllable Words. I don’t know how many people think like I do when it comes to this but I thought it would be a great idea to have a community where anyone who visits can add their two-cents into the mix by simply adding a word and categorizing it by the number of syllables in that word.

The website of course would appropriatley be named which as of this writing is still available for registration. Anyone interested in securing this domain can visit and register the domain if they like.

Members who wish to contribute must create an account in order to deter spammers and some members would be elligible for moderator status in order to help in maintaining the website and provide minor support for visitors.

This idea is completely open for anyone who would like to take a crack at it, or if you just want to expand on the idea for someone else please leave your comments for others to read.

If you do implement the idea, I’d really like to hear about it.

Thanks for reading.

Update Feb 5, 2011 – Facebook, Twitter and most other popular social networking sites were not even around when I wrote this. Looking back this was a pretty goofy idea, however at it’s root was definitely what is considered today a “social networking” site.