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    SETTING UP AN ONLINE STORE Internet based business provides an incredible opportunity to generate additional income for some, and a way to realize freedom from the workplace for others. Online stores are one of the fastest most affordable start-up businesses available. However there are some significant factors you need to know about, before you invest […]
    A corporate logo is one of the most important steps in building your company’s image. With increasing competition in every industry it’s more important then ever to set your company apart from the crowd. A professional logo will help you establish brand awareness.
  • How to Add Multiple Products to WooCommerce
    How to add multiple products to WooCommerce
  • My Memoir
    A guide to memoir writing by Andrew Hall There are many reasons for one to share his or her life story but one of the most common reasons to write a memoir is to share personal experiences, thoughts, ideas and dreams with others, especially those close to you. Don’t underestimate the importance of leaving a valuable legacy document for future generations. […]
  • Screenplay Writing
    Does your screenplay have potential? by Andrew Hall Screenplay writing is a very specific process for developing your project into a movie or television show. Key elements of any screenplay are dialogue and action, typically written from a third person perspective and almost always written in present tense. Tackling a screenplay with little or no experience often […]
  • Vehicle Design Guide
    Whether your vehicle design will be used for commercial or private use, you should interact with the design team throughout the creative process. Be sure you are allowed to preview the artwork as the work progresses. Your feedback is crucial to the success of the project and I encourage you to suggest modifications whenever necessary. […]
  • How To Design A Web Page
    This short guide will explain the concepts of how to design a web page in a few simple steps. The first thing you need to design a web page is an idea. There are many great sources to inspire ideas, such as magazines, television, even other web pages can help you form some ideas for […]
    What is a platform? Being the architect of your own project is only the first step towards success as an artist or writer. Your platform is your connection to your audience and includes: website blog social networks conferences book signings art exhibits speaking engagements appearances on radio and television These are only a handful of […]
  • How To Sell More Books
    Just a short list of ideas that might help you sell more books. Giveaways Consider giving some things away with your book. Digital content is always a good resource and adds value to the purchase of a book. Maybe you have a worksheet or some additional material that will compliment the book. This can all […]
  • What Does A Good Logo Do For Your Company?
    Many business owners are unaware of the power of having a high quality logo to represent their company. A professional logo represents your company in many different ways. Some you may not even be aware of. Your future success depends heavily on the professional image your company presents to your target audience. An effective logo […]
  • Ideas for Writing Blog Posts
    Today’s post was supposed to be on how I managed to quadruple traffic to my blog in one night, but that article is still in the works. It’s a bit more detailed than I originally thought, and it’s taking longer then expected. So while I’m working on that, I thought I’d give you one that […]
  • Spam and Phishing Emails Just Make Me Laugh
    So I get a spam / phishing email this morning and it makes me think; If I was a really creative writer and could come up with an email scheme this elaborate, why not just continue writing and make this into a fictional story and sell it? Seriously, the email is pretty entertaining, it just […]
  • Twitter as a Marketing Tool
    Using Twitter as a marketing tool is really not hard to do, but it does take quite a bit of work. Keep in mind that online marketing is not a one-time event. You can not expect results if you simply run a single campaign for a couple weeks and then stop. Even with Pay-per-click advertising you will only get results as long as you are running the campaign. So remember with Internet marketing it’s about long term commitment and consistency.
  • Thinking of Starting a Blog?
    A while back a friend of mine emailed me and asked me about setting up a simple blog style website. Since I’ve built hundreds of personal websites from scratch over the years, his question got me thinking and I decided to write this article about starting a blog site. Typically when someone is shopping for […]
  • Where to Get Ideas for Writing
    Man it’s not true that you can just start banging away on your keyboard and ideas will eventually pop into your head to write about. Sometimes there’s no choice but to just smack your head on the desk in defeat, open World of Warcraft and start killin Ally’s.Today I grilled some steaks wearing shorts and […]
  • Getting Published
    Here is a short list of 8 resources for submitting photography for publication. Click on links for additional information. Contests: 2011 National Geographic Photo Contest RulesSmithsonian Magazine 9th Annual Photo ContestPLANET Magazine 4th annual Global Travel Photo Contest Magazines Submissions:Outdoor Photographer National Geographic MagazineSunset Magazine  Stock Photography:iStockPhotoShutterstock