Custom Vehicle Graphics by Andrew Hall Design provides high quality, innovative design to help increase visibility and maximize exposure for your company.

Vehicle Graphics

What to look for in a vehicle design company.

There are many frustrating elements inherent in designing custom vehicle graphics, which most artists are not familiar with and will not foresee, due to lack of knowledge in this particular medium.

Vehicle wraps are much different then designing brochures and postcards. Even large scale graphics for billboards, banners and posters are not nearly as complex as designing custom vehicle graphics.

Flat 2 dimensional surfaces are standard for print graphics, but when producing a custom vehicle design, you want an artist that has experience working with graphics for the 3 dimensional surface of a vehicle.

Andrew Hall has been designing vehicle graphics for Las Vegas businesses since 2001. Years of experience in this unique field of advertising makes Andrew Hall Design a smart choice for your vehicle design.

Don’t take chances when considering a vehicle wrap. Call or email Andrew for a quick Q and A and avoid costly mistakes.

Types of Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle Graphics Installation

Vehicle Design Guide

Whether your vehicle design will be used for commercial or private use, you should interact with the design team throughout the creative process. Be sure you are allowed to preview the artwork as the work progresses. Your feedback is crucial to the success of the project and I encourage you to suggest modifications whenever necessary. Your goal is to attain graphics that you are proud to display on your vehicle and that can’t be accomplished without your input.

Total design time will vary but typically vehicle graphics require 15 to 40 hours of design time, depending on the complexity of the design, efficiency of the design team, number of revisions.

Vehicle Graphics Kit

Compile the following information before starting your vehicle design project.

Vehicle information

Company information (for commercial vehicles)

Do you have specific colors that represent your company brand?
If so what are they?

Product information (for commercial vehicles)

Photos and other media

Decide on the type of wrap and design that’s best for you

If you’re willing to run a promotional event such as “Mention our vehicle ad and receive 10% off” it will help you measure the success of your campaign. Make the promo unique so you know exactly where leads are coming from.

It’s also critical to include your website in all vehicle graphics to drive visitors and traffic to your website.

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