VFX Garage


Visual Effects (VFX)

Visual effects is the process of enhancing video footage with the use of digitally generated graphics.

Motion Graphics

Not the same as animation. Motion graphics is the art of using still imagery in a process that gives the illusion of movement. This method of design effectively integrates motion into many websites.

Flash Web Design

Flash Web Design combines high quality graphic design, Web based animation, motion graphics and interactive design with compelling audio and video to produce a superior web presence.

Web Animation

Transforming a website from a typical static, text and image website, into an interactive online experience. The use of Flash technology can:

  • Turn your website into a fully animated online portal for users to enjoy,
  • Enable your website with memorable character animations for the Internet.
  • Help increase traffic to your website
  • Excite visitors and encourages return visits
  • Visitors will spend more time on your website
  • Stimulate word-of-mouth promotion within niche markets and special interest groups

Virtual Tours

Still photography panoramic images combined with flash and video to create an interactive 360 degree view of virtually any location. Visitors can pan, tilt and even zoom in on the panorama and will feel as though they were operating an active CCTV camera.
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