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    SETTING UP AN ONLINE STORE Internet based business provides an incredible opportunity to generate additional income for some, and a way to realize freedom from the workplace for others. Online stores are one of the fastest most affordable start-up businesses available. However there are some significant factors you need to know about, before you invest […]
    Internet marketing resources for website promotion, search engine optimization, and other online tools. Kick Start your Internet Marketing Learn more about benefits and strategies of web promotion. Keyword Research Keyword Discovery Google Keywords Email Marketing Constant Contact Aweber Mailchimp Web Promotion Tools Web CEO Submit Your Site ExactSeek Jayde Link Building Banner Exchange Traffic Zap […]
  • On Page SEO Best Practices
    On Page SEO Best Practices On-Page SEO Best Practices are very useful, in fact not using these will likely hurt your chances of getting a website ranked in the search engines. A common mistake people make when publishing a website starts with naming the page. Properly naming each file of a website is a critical […]
    Online Business Tools Andrew Hall recommends these third-party web tools which combine state of the art technology and innovative ideas to enhance your online presence and provide a more informative and entertaining experience for visitors. SEO Tools A list of third party web tools to help website owners increase the number of visitors to their […]
  • Outreach Marketing With NinjaOutreach
    An interview with NinjaOutreach Founder / COO Mark Samms. NinjaOutreach is a SaaS Application that allows subscribers to manage multiple facets of their marketing campaign. Some of the outreach opportunities you can manage via NinjaOutreach are: Outreach to other website owners / bloggers for link opportunities Outreach for guest blogging opportunities Outreach for B2B services […]
    Social Media Marketing in today’s world. Social Media Marketing Is Vital To The Success Of Your Online Presence. Most people to look to the Internet for information, opportunities and entertainment. A trend that will not end soon. You as a business owner need to understand that your Online Presence is integral in your efforts to grow […]
  • Disinformation Experts Continue to Poison the Internet Marketing Community
    More false claims and misguided advice are being fed to the Internet community every day. I can’t help feeling frustrated and distrustful after reading articles from opposing “Experts” about the do’s and don’ts of Search Engine Optimization. If you believe these so-called experts, the don’ts continue to multiply and the dos are diminishing to a point […]
  • SEO Disinformation Infects Internet Marketing
    Disinformation Experts Part 2 Search Engine Optimization companies continue to flood the Internet with disinformation and false claims that hinder website owners and Internet Marketing enthusiasts, leaving many feeling frustrated and discouraged. Internet Marketing is one of the most competitive areas for professional web design companies, and smart website owners will to try every method […]
  • Disinformation or Experts Who Simply Don’t Agree
    Disinformation Experts Part 1 Disinformation seems to be running rampant throughout the search engine optimization and Internet marketing community. Each “Expert” has his/her own opinion about what should or shouldn’t be done to optimize a website for the highest rankings in search engines like Google, Bing and others. If you are currently enjoying top search engine placement, […]
    Here’s a checklist of basic requirements needed for building a website. Whether a professional web designer is working with you to create your website, or you opt for the DIY path, this list will help you determine what you need to get started. Once you have the required elements and decided what content to include […]
  • Online Video Offers Advantages for Internet Marketers
    You may or may not have heard Online Video is a powerful marketing tool and it’s creating some amazing opportunities for online businesses. Yahoo! has a video library here while Google took the approach of displaying videos in a more traditional search results page Why is online video such a revolution within the Internet community? Because, with all […]
  • Search Engine Optimization
    Search engine optimization will help your site rank naturally in search engines when done correctly. By implementing a successful SEO campaign your site can soon be at the top of the search engines and delivering a high amount of traffic to your business. Help search engines find your site with effective SEO. Effective SEO is crucial […]
  • Transform Your Website Into a Powerful Marketing Tool
    A website can be used as a powerful marketing tool in a virtually unlimited number of ways, including: Online portfolio – artists, singer/songwriters, models, actors Extended informational services – Doctors, Lawyers, Realtors and other professionals Online resume – Temporary workers, independent businesses Extension of your business card or an online brochure Building your website or […]
  • Keyword Research
    How to Manage Your Own SEO Campaign: Keyword Research Starting your own SEO campaign can be exciting and educational; it can also be very rewarding knowing that you’ve successfully ranked your website at the top of major search engines and along the way managed to save yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Keep in […]
  • 10 Tips to Help Increase Website Traffic
    10 tips (short of a complete redesign) to help increase traffic to your website. 1. Add new content regularly articles, how-to guides and upcoming events are great. Video and audio have become very popular recently. Both are great ways to deliver your message to visitors. 2. Increase your inbound links these are links pointing to […]
  • How I quadrupled my blog traffic in 1 day.
    It wasn’t easy, it took a lot of work and experimentation, but I finally figured out a formula to literally push traffic to my blog. Once I executed the plan, the results blew my mind. Before you get disillusioned, or think I’m pulling your leg, know this; While the traffic boost happened over night, it […]
  • What do I look for in a blog?
    It’s not often that I’ll add a new blog to my reading list, but when I do, I’m looking for interesting content, well written articles, an active community, the ability for readers to leave comments and bloggers who actually respond to their readers comments. The following is a list of marketing blogs that I read […]
  • How Can I Promote My Website?
    9 Strategies to Promote a New Website. Before You Start Once your website is published and you’re ready to promote it, I recommend installing Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools on your site. This requires setting up a Google account and opting into these free services then adding some code to the site and hosting […]
  • How to use your website to promote your business.
    Before you begin: The first step in promoting your business through a website is to think about your goals and budget so you can build an action plan. If your site is simply a promo piece that compliments your offline marketing, the next step is to use it to drive new business and keep current […]
  • Important Aspects of Web Promotion
    What value is gained from positioning your website as a vital resource to visitors seeking industry related info such as employment opportunities, news, products, services and other important information? Increasing numbers of people are looking to the Internet for information, opportunities and entertainment and that trend will continue. Any organization that lacks a strong Internet […]
  • Emerging Trends – Web Tech
    Public opinion has a global voice with many online directories offering visitors a chance to rate businesses they’ve had experiences with. I’ve always said that testimonials are a critical component of your online presence, but now Google may have made it an even higher priority. Search engines primarily consider public reviews as objective and assign […]
  • World War One Research
    This is the second of several blog posts I wrote years ago, which I’ve decided to republish. Some will include follow up comments, such as this one and others will just be reposted in their original form for your entertainment. Hope you enjoy. Originally posted Feb 4, 2006 World War One Research I recently watched […]
  • SEO for Business in 2009
    Back in 2009 I watched an interesting video (online) about the future of SEO. According to the video, in 2009 Google was heading towards giving better ranking to websites offering video, audio and flash in their search results. The case for this theory has since been proven many times over. While Blogs will continue to […]