Web Promotion Articles by Andrew Hall
The following articles relate to Web promotion and search engine optimization. Running a successful campaign is not a big secret, it’s simply common sense, hard work and great content.

World War One Research

This is the second of several blog posts I wrote years ago, which I’ve decided to republish. Some will include follow up comments, such as this one and others will just be reposted in their original form for your entertainment. Hope you enjoy. Originally posted Feb 4, 2006 World War One Research I recently watched […]

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SEO for Business in 2009

Back in 2009 I watched an interesting video (online) about the future of SEO. According to the video, in 2009 Google was heading towards giving better ranking to websites offering video, audio and flash in their search results. The case for this theory has since been proven many times over. While Blogs will continue to […]

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