My guest for this SciFi Edition of Dead Hand Radio is Comic Artist Robert Marzullo.

Rob is an Artist, YouTuber and Comic Book Aficionado who uses his skill and knowledge of drawing to teach others how to improve their drawing skills for the Comic Book industry.

Rob and I have known each other for years and we first connected on Twitter, while I was running Comic Art related blog called ComicArtDepot. I have since discontinued that project, but Rob and I have remained in touch, occasionally exchanging tweets and messages on social media is support of each other’s endeavors.

I’ve interviewed Rob before as part of a series I was doing years ago in which we got into his background as an artist, his early influences etc. That was a written interview and is still available on my website if anyone’s interested. Here’s the link

As I mention in this episode, I’ve always wanted to bring Rob on the podcast as a guest, and once I launched the SciFi Edition I knew that was my opportunity to invite him to join me.

During our conversation Rob and I discuss some of the ideas that he’s exploring while working on his own comic book Blackstone. How he came up with the idea for the character and what the future holds for this project.

We also talk about the importance of Science Fiction in Rob’s life and how it continues to influence him in his work.

In this ongoing series titled DEAD HAND RADIO SCIFI EDITION Andrew talks with artists, writers, filmmakers and fans of the science fiction genre.

Links to learn more and get in contact with Comic Artist Robert Marzullo