by Andrew Hall

Las Vegas Video

Las Vegas Video Production

Las Vegas Video Production provides editing for raw video as well as video capture for the event that you want recorded. Whatever the requirements for your video I can provide you with a video solution that meets your budget and your needs.

Maybe you want to record a private event for future use or create a commercial video for television. Our Las Vegas video production team has the tools and the talent to deliver a quality video production that you’ll be proud to put your name on.

In today’s world, your marketing campaign is vital to the survival of your business and video production will give your company the edge it needs.

Choosing the right Las Vegas video production company allows you to work with highly qualified professionals equipped with state of the art video equipment when producing your video project.

Company Profile Video

Turn your ad copy into a dynamic on-screen video and increase the impact of your company’s message to the target audience.

Rolladen Rolling Shutters Warehouse Production Video

Testimonial Video

Share the spotlight with your customers. Video testimonials are a great way to deliver your message through the words of your customers. Word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing available and enhancing your customer testimonials with a Las Vegas Video Production allows you to let the world know what your customers think.

Rolladen Rolling Shutters Customer Testimonial Video
Abundant Living Las Vegas Church Profile and Testimonial Video

Product Video

Photos and text based ads are effective, but imagine showcasing your product or service on screen with a professional spokesperson highlighting the features and benefits of using your product or service.

Rolladen Rolling Shutters Product Demonstration Video – Exterior Shutter Operation
Rolladen Rolling Shutters Product Demonstration Video – Remote Wall Switch Operation
Rolladen Rolling Shutters Product Demonstration Video – Pole Crank Operation

Special Interest Video

Corporate Events, Political campaigns and non-profit organizations that need to get their message across in a high impact cost effective way.

Las Vegas Motor Speedway Drag Racing
Lake Las Vegas Car Show

Las Vegas Snow

Video of record snowfall in Las Vegas, NV in 2008

Tutorial Video

Giving instruction to your audience is one of the most effective ways of building trust and relationships. Producing an instructional video makes that experience even more personal and compelling for your audience.

Web Design Tutorial Video – Add multiple items to Woocommerce Shopping cart

Press Release Video

Press releases are an extremely effective marketing strategy and converting your press release into a Video can reach a greater audience and increase the impact of your campaign.

Commercial Video for Web or TV

Television commercials and web based commercials can offer a very high ROI if done properly. A solid message along with an entertaining presentation and a clear call to action are the staples of a successful commercial.

Music Videos

Choose only professional Las Vegas video production companies or independent recording artists to produce highest quality looking music videos.

Documentary Movies

One of my passions is working in the film industry. From low budget independent film companies to feature films, our video crews are capable of handling any size production.

When making your choice for a video production company be sure you choose experienced professionals with a clear understanding of video technology and a plan for delivering your message in an effective way.

For more information about Video Production please contact us and tell us about your project.

Video Archives

Perhaps you have a video you’ve already recorded and simply want to archive the production. Or maybe you need copies of a commercial or video production to distribute among family members, movie and video producers or prospects for your product or service. Our production team will prepare your post production video for delivery or simply duplicate and package your project for distribution.

If you have a VHS format video you need digitized and remastered or wish to move your video to a more durable form or storage our Las Vegas video production team will make a digital copy of the original and preserve your raw video on DVD for you to keep or distribute as many times as you like without reducing the quality of the video.


Visual Effects / Motion Graphics

Visual Effects and Motions Graphics by Andrew Hall provides visual effects, motion graphics and post-production for video, photography and web projects.


Visual effects is the process of enhancing video footage with the use of digitally generated graphics.


Not the same as animation. Motion graphics is the art of using still imagery in a process that gives the illusion of movement. This method of design effectively integrates motion into many websites.


Combining multiple images, typically photography or video footage with other images, including 3d models and other digital graphics, to create a single visually enhanced image, usually for film.


DESERT VFX combines high quality graphic design, Web based animation, motion graphics and interactive design with compelling audio and video to produce a superior web presence.


Transforming a website from a typical static, text and image website, into an interactive online experience. The use of Flash technology can:


Still photography panoramic images compiled to create an interactive 360 degree view of virtually any location. Visitors can pan, tilt and even zoom in on the panorama and will feel as though they were operating an active CCTV camera.
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