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Industrial Photography by Andrew Hall

My Industrial Photography is meant to capture the elegance of heavy machinery, energy infrastructure, construction & manufacturing sites in unique ways.

This is a project I’ve been working on for some time and I’m pleased to announce the launching of this endeavor of photographing structures and objects that represent the Industrial segment of our society.


Desert Radio Tower


Desert Radio Tower This Radio Tower sits atop a mountain in the desert. I shot these photos around 0500 which at that time required some long exposure techniques and resulted in some of the photos having a bit of blur due to some wind at the top of the mountain. Wind is the enemy of […]

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Hoover Dam Photography

Hoover Dam Photography

These photos of Hoover Dam were taken long before the new bridge, that bypasses the dam when traveling between Nevada and Arizona, was built. It’s pretty interesting to see how different the whole area looked back then, yet there are so many things that have not changed. Every couple of years I return to this […]

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