Intro to Panoramic Photography

Shooting panoramic photography is both challenging and rewarding. The process requires some technical skill as well as some trial and error to achieve high quality images. However, capturing just the right image, offers a unique way to showcase a terrain, building or vista. A panoramic view can truly capture the essence and grandeur of a location and transfer the experience of being there quite effectively.

Panoramic Photography of Yellowstone

My Panoramic Photography Journey

I first started shooting panoramic photography in the early 2000s. Although I don’t remember the exact year, I knew almost immediately that it was something I wanted to master. I read several books and scoured dozens of websites to gain the necessary insight to delve deeper into the process. What really changed things for me, and opened the door to capturing images I was proud to share, was getting out in the field and actually shooting. Initially, I didn’t have the best equipment and wasn’t sure how to present my final images. However, I quickly realized that shooting and capturing images to experiment with on my computer was essential to learning the process and advancing to the next level.

Panoramic Photography Gallery

Challenges and Discoveries in the Field

After countless hours of shooting, amassing a huge collection of images that would become panoramic shots, I began experimenting with different software and techniques to stitch the images together. Although I don’t recall the names of the applications I tried, some were helpful while most were too difficult or failed to deliver the desired results. Eventually, I figured out a workflow and created some interesting panoramas. Back then, the Internet required everything to be compressed to the point where the images were barely visible onscreen. Despite this, I was determined to share my work with others and continued to press on.

Modern Workflow and Essential Skills

These days, the process and workflow are much more straightforward. With tools like Photoshop and Lightroom, which have built-in stitching tools, it’s a matter of curating the properly shot images and running them through the stitching process. While it may seem simple, achieving high-quality results still requires knowledge and patience. It also takes considerable skill to correctly capture the images needed for stitching. Understanding how to shoot and what to shoot is crucial. I’ve had more than enough expeditions where I traveled hundreds of miles from home for panoramic photography, only to realize I’d forgotten a tool or shot something incorrectly. Therefore, my number one recommendation is to approach this endeavor with a surplus of patience and determination.

Resources and Continuing the Journey

There are plenty of resources available to help photographers of all levels gain the skill and knowledge necessary to master panoramic photography. I’ll provide some links here, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. However, by no means is this introduction to panoramic photography an exhaustive guide. In fact, I’m still learning and far from mastering the skill myself.

Monetizing Your Panoramic Photography

Are there ways to make money shooting panoramic photography? Absolutely. Below are a few methods I’ve used personally to earn some extra income on occasion.

Additional Income-Earning Ideas: