Experiencing the Phenomenon with Lynda Thompson


Lynda Thompson is a UFO researcher, Contactee and is sensitive to psychic impressions which have been quite useful throughout her life. Her roles while in the workforce have prepared her and equipped her with the knowledge and insight to demonstrate a highly disciplined approach to her search for answers about the UFO topic.

I was first attracted to Lynda’s work through Twitter and after seeing her interviews with Dave Scott from Spaced Out Radio, I decided to reach out to her and invite her on this podcast to learn more about her and talk about some topics that I felt could be further explored and might be beneficial to others interested in the UFO Phenomena.

She was understandably a bit hesitant at first and we agreed to talk, but with the caveat that if she wasn’t comfortable with the conversation by the time it had ended, then it wouldn’t be published. I’m happy to report that she agreed to a public release of our conversation.

To learn more about Lynda’s work and to get in contact with her, please follow her on Twitter. She’s very approachable and is committed to searching for the truth and helping others who’ve had negative experiences related to the phenomena.

UFO DECODED is an ongoing series produced and hosted by the creator of Dead Hand Radio, which consists of interviews with UFO researchers, investigators, witnesses and experiencers to uncover truths about the topic.