Ghosts Demons and Gangsters


My guest for this Haunted Edition of Dead Hand Radio is Rev Shawn Whittington. Shawn is a paranormal investigator, ordained minister and host of Vegas Supernatural, a Las Vegas based radio show that airs live every monday night at 5pm PST

Shawn and I talk about his early days when he discovered his ability to see and talk with ghosts and how those experiences changed his life.


We get into the Cold War and talk about his time in the US NAVY.

Then we get into what led to him landing in Las Vegas, NV and what it was like to meet a real life mobster face to face.

This episode is part of the HAUNTED EDITION an ongoing series by DEAD HAND RADIO. Andrew talks with Psychics, Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigators about the unseen world of the afterlife.

Links to learn more about Rev Shawn Whittington and his work