My guest for this episode is BK Bass. BK is a former Army Veteran with years of experience in the field of NBC Decontamination.

If you don’t know what NBC is, you’ll definitely want to check out this episode of DEAD HAND RADIO. BK’s experience in the military is quite relevant to this podcast.

I first met BK on Twitter and learned about his work as a writer, publisher and world builder, when I interviewed him for my blog Creating Awesome. I’ve also read some of his books, and one of his recent books What Once Was Home, is a post-apocalyptic story about an alien invasion. Without saying too much, this story is not what you think. It’s an outstanding story and I highly recommend it.

For this interview, BK joins me to talk about some issues that this podcast is focused on, and that is Nuclear war, Chemical and Biological weapons of mass destruction, they’re effects and how they’re employed in battle.


DEAD HAND RADIO is a Podcast about the Cold War and its impact on our world, our culture and the future of our world. 

So join me on the next episode as we dig deeper into the cold war, on DEAD HAND RADIO.

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