On Air with UFOs and the Paranormal


My guest for this episode is Dave Scott, creator and host of Spaced Out Radio.

He is a trained and seasoned journalist whose broadcasting career spans multiple decades.

Dave is also an experiencer with numerous UFO sightings, paranormal encounters, and has crossed paths with sasquatch and extraterrestrial beings on multiple occasions.

In this episode Dave and I discuss his career in Radio, how he got started and some of his influences throughout that journey. We also touch on how the industry has changed over time.

In the second part of the episode we talk about Dave’s experiences with UFOs and the Paranormal, his encounters with Sasquatch, aliens and a being he refers to as “The Angel of Death”. And how these experiences have led to his development of certain psychic abilities.

Then we talk about how all of these things have impacted his life and Dave gets very personal in the later part of the interview and shares an incredibly profound message for experiencers,  members of the community, critics of the phenomenon and even those with a passing interest in these topics. So be sure to listen all the way to the end.

I’m so grateful that Dave spent this time with me and shared his experiences. His willingness to talk about such intimate topics are evidence of his integrity and demonstrate how much he truly cares about this subject. He literally left me without words, multiple times during this conversation.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Thanks for listening.

In this ongoing series titled DEAD HAND RADIO UFO EDITION Andrew talks with UFO researchers, investigators, witnesses and experiencers to uncover truths about the topic.

Links to learn more about Dave Scott and Spaced Out Radio: