My guest on this episode is Heather @ExplorationProject

Heather is an “Adventure Blogger” an explorer, and photographer. Her website and social media activity are focused on positivity and inspiration and she’s extremely well liked due to her positive attitude and uplifting posts on Twitter and Instagram.

I first became aware of Heather through an online literary magazine, called Barren Magazine, which we both contributed to. One of her photos was selected as the “Cover” for that month and instantly got my attention. So I followed her as I did many creative people from Barren Magazine around that time. Since then, Her work has stood out because of her positive outlook and friendly personality and we’ve been exchanging posts ever since.

Most of Heather’s photography consists of landscapes, wildlife and her dog Marco, but what first attracted me to her photography was those abandoned structures. And the way she always includes something informative and entertaining with her posts.

This episode will focus on being positive, the importance of getting outdoors and exploring the world around us, and generally being a curious observer in life in order to stay sane in an insane world.

Aside from everything else I mentioned, Heather is a native of Canada, she loves the outdoors, hiking, and traveling, and lives with her husband and her dog Marco. She’s also an inspiration to me and I’m excited she accepted my invitation to come on this podcast.