My guest for this episode BK Bass was not able to record an intro with me for this Haunted Edition of Dead Hand Radio. Unfortunately he’s been dealing with some sort of malady for some time and just didn’t feel up to having a conversation.

So when I reached out to him about participating he asked if he could submit a recording of something he had prepared some time ago, and I agreed.

The reading you are about to hear is a story about American treasure hunter Richard Jericho and British anthropologist Wilkins Chapman. The two have uncovered antiquities from around the world, but in the jungles of Peru, they discover something more than they expected.

As the fabric of reality comes apart, they journey across the globe chasing clues. Answers lead to more questions, as they attempt to piece together a puzzle older than primal memory itself.

And the more they part the veil, the more of what lies beyond the veil spills into our reality.

Here’s BK Bass reading Chapter 1 of his paranormal thriller, Parting the Veil.