My guest today is Podcaster, Blogger and avid collector of Dystopian and Post-Apocalyptic Books, Evan @FromTheWastes

Evan is also a Veteran of the Cold War and according to his bio on social media…

He’s a Father, a husband and an old soldier. A child of the 70’s who grew up on a dairy farm.

It doesn’t get much more blue collar than that.

Evan’s Podcast FromTheWastes includes interviews with writers, artists and many other creative people. While the focus of his show is mainly on the dystopian and post-apocalyptic genre, he’s recently started hosting a roundtable discussion called Trek Talk, which he inherited from another podcaster and friend of Dead Hand Radio, Phantom Dark Dave.

This episode is part of the ongoing SCIFI EDITION which Andrew talks with artists, writers, filmmakers and fans of the science fiction genre.


DEAD HAND RADIO is a podcast about the Cold War and its effects on our culture, technology and the future.

So join me, and together we’ll explore this fascinating period of history and examine the incredible advancements in weapons, technology, science, art and culture and discuss how all of it relates to the future of our world.

My goal is to explore these topics with the audience. To learn. To educate. To entertain and exchange ideas with those interested.

If you or someone you know has knowledge about the cold war or any other topics we discuss on this program, please get in touch and let’s talk. It could be a great conversation for a future episode and I’m especially interested to talk with anyone who has first hand knowledge about these programs.

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The Dead Hand is a Soviet era doomsday device that was created in response to the massive build up of the US nuclear arsenal. It’s designed to launch a counter offensive strike against the US and their allies in the instance that Russia is destroyed by a first strike.

While many skeptics say the dead hand is a myth, there are some experts who would argue, and even some eyewitnesses who have come forward and claim that the dead hand is real.

What’s even more concerning is that it may still be active…

DEAD HAND RADIO was created to focus on issues of existential threats to life on earth.

If you’ll join me, together we’ll begin our journey with a trip through the cold war, nuclear weapons and the future of warfare. Afterall, the history of human civilization is the history of war.

Some episodes will be solo, where I’ll deliver a monologue based on a thesis I’ve prepared for that episode. Other episodes will include guests who can bring specific knowledge and expertise on different areas.

My goal is to explore these topics with the audience. To learn. To educate. To entertain and exchange ideas with those interested.

And to present factual information about the world we live and the precarious nature of our human existence.

So my invitation to you, is take this ride with me and together we’ll find out where it goes.

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