Arthur Walker is a writer, artist, philosopher, game dev and consultant.

He’s a creator of worlds on page and on-screen, and he’s a brilliant individual. In this episode of Dead Hand Radio, Arthur and I discuss creative pursuits and share ideas about artificial intelligence, quantum computing, machine learning and consciousness.

Of course an episode of Dead Hand Radio would not be complete if my guest and I didn’t talk about the cold war at some level, and during our discussion, we certainly do touch on the topic of the cold war and how AI is connected to that time period.

Finally, we close out our conversation with a jaunt into the post apocalyptic genre, and consider the possible or inevitable destruction of Earth and the potential for humans, with the help of AI, to prevent that from happening.

It was a very intellectually stimulating conversation and I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to explore these topics with someone like Arthur.

DEAD HAND RADIO is A podcast about the Cold War. It’s history and the effects it had on our culture, technology and the future of our world.

My goal is to examine these and other topics. To learn. To educate. To entertain and exchange ideas with those interested.

So join me, and together we’ll explore a fascinating period of history and examine some incredible advancements in weapons, technology, science, art and culture and discuss how all of it relates to the future of our world.

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This episode is part of the ongoing SCIFI EDITION which Andrew talks with artists, writers, filmmakers and fans of the science fiction genre.