Science Fiction and Horror Reviews


My guest for this SciFi Edition of Dead Hand Radio is Lilyn George of the Science Fiction / Horror Review website Sci-Fi & Scary.

Lilyn has as passion for reading science fiction and horror stories and has turned that past time into a way to help other readers as well as creators of sci-fi and horror, with her website.

Her and a team of readers accept submissions, usually from little known and first time authors, and they read and write reviews for these works and post them on the website Sci-Fi and Scary. They’ve reviewed hundreds of titles and have a continually growing catalog of reviews.

Lilyn and I connected on Twitter a while back because of our shared interest in the genre of SciFi and when I was considering guests for the SciFi Edition of my podcast I thought she would be an interesting guest.

We talk about how she got interested in reading and how she turned that past time into an exceedingly popular website, both with readers and fans of the genre as well as authors looking for objective feedback on their work.

Lilyn talks about some of her frustrations within the industry and how the future of SciFi looks in her minds eye and she shares some info about a new project that her and her team are working on.

I had a great time talking with Lilyn and it was interesting to hear her insights and opinions about the fascinating world of SciFi literature.

Hope you enjoy

In this ongoing series titled DEAD HAND RADIO SCIFI EDITION Andrew talks with artists, writers, filmmakers and fans of the science fiction genre.

Links to learn more and get in contact with Lilyn George