SciFi The Cold War and UFOs


My guest for this SciFi Edition of Dead Hand Radio is JD Kellner. JD is an author of science fiction and fantasy novels and short stories.

In this episode, we talk about JDs influences and how he got started as a writer and we talk about some of his most recent works.

We also talk about JD’s interest in the cold war, and some of his favorite science fiction movies from that time period.

We talk about the future of science fiction and some of JD’s work outside of being a writer which could possibly lead into a future follow up episode.

So strap in dear listener and prepare for a ride on the SciFi Rocket Train on this edition of Dead Hand Radio.

In this ongoing series titled DEAD HAND RADIO SCIFI EDITION Andrew talks with artists, writers, filmmakers and fans of the science fiction genre.

Links to contact and learn more about Author JD Kellner