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In this episode I talk with David Edward about the lost civilization of Atlantis

David is an Author, researcher, former Army Intelligence and was part of the team that arrested Manuel Noriega. He holds 3 Masters Degrees and a PHD in Engineering, owns two companies and has written over 40 books both fiction and non-fiction. 

Those who know anything about Atlantis, know it’s a mystery and there’s a ton of misinformation about what it was. For me, there are two fundamental questions that I want answered: 

Did it really exist? and what happened to it?

Dave’s latest book Atlantis Found: The Final Definitive Proof attempts to answer these questions and is the basis for our conversation…

I hope you enjoy this topic and Thanks for watching

The importance of Atlantis 

Whether or not it’s real or a myth, I think there’s some really interesting questions we can talk about before we get into your hypothesis: 

The Hypothesis:

Your argument that Atlantis was a real place, immediately challenges the idea that Plato’s writings about Atlantis were fiction.

Please lay out the case that Plato’s writings about Atlantis were indeed facts and not simply something he made up.

The next part of your theory is that Atlantis existed some 11k to 12k years ago, or 9600 BCE, and was located in the Western part of Africa.

Listener questions:

Additional Questions:

Have you considered testing for anomalous readings in the following:

Basically studying the landscape as if it were being studied by scientists in Antarctica…

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