SciFi Audio Drama This American Wasteland



My guest for this episode of SciFi November is Podcaster Sean Ramos. Creator of the Audio Drama This American Wasteland.

Welcome Science Fiction aficionado and listener of the Dead Hand Radio podcast.

If you’re a listener of Dead Hand Radio, you know this podcast is centered on the events of the cold war, but that’s not all it is. It’s only been around since March of 2020 and is constantly evolving.

After several months of strictly talking about The Cold War, I decided to change up the format and did a whole series on The Paranormal for Halloween. 12 episodes in all, with guests from different backgrounds and interests, who joined me and through their experiences and anecdotes took listeners on a journey through the world of spirits, ghost stories and haunted locations. We talked about cursed lands, myths, legends and lore. It was a blast, and it really opened my eyes as to what this podcast can become.

After that series I wanted to expand the platform even more and decided to add a new element to the line up of interesting content.

So from this point on, I will occasionally be bringing on people interested in pop culture, movies, comics, books, art and everything else in between related to the incredible world of Science Fiction.

This episode is part of the ongoing SCIFI EDITION which Andrew talks with artists, writers, filmmakers and fans of the science fiction genre.

To learn more about This American Wasteland and Creator Sean Ramos: