My guest for this show is Marshall Barnes, a Research and Development Engineer. Marshall is an inventor, a musician and a brilliant thinker. He has written several papers on many fascinating topics which offer a widely different opinion on some quite controversial topics.

Suffice it to say that Marshall defends his views unequivocally and is willing to engage in open debate with anyone who disputes his findings and conclusions. This is one reason why I felt compelled to interview Marshall for this podcast.

Also, I find Marshall’s work highly relevant to the topic of this podcast. His work and his arguments offer a viable solution that could, If funded and implemented correctly, potentially solve every possible existential threat to life on this planet.

His solution… Time Travel to the past. I realize this idea seems quite radical, and potentially even ludicrous, but I urge you to hear his argument before passing judgement.

During our conversation Marshall and I discussed his hypothesis in great detail. He argues that escaping the Earth to go into space is a huge waste of time, money and resources. He believes his solution to be far more economical and potentially more viable.

Specifically he proposes to send groups of human settlements back in time to the year 12KB4 or 12,000 years ago. Roughly 10k BC which is around the end of the last ice age.

Unfortunately, the interview didn’t go quite as planned and we experienced some technical difficulties right at the beginning of the conversation. This resulted in a less than ideal audio quality and required parts of the interview to be omitted from the episode. I mention this because I don’t want you to expect crystal clear audio and then two minutes in get frustrated and leave before you’ve heard the whole conversation.

So please be patient, listen with an open mind and try to enjoy the show as much as I enjoyed creating it for you.

Whether you agree or disagree with Marshall’s views, he certainly has some unique ideas about the world we live in and the potential calamities we’re faced with, especially in these uncertain times.

Marshall and I continued our conversation for a while longer and got into some other things, but the parts I’ve shared are definitely the most relevant to listeners of this podcast, and I felt it best to keep the episode under 1 hour. If you’re interested in hearing the whole conversation, please let me know.

My sincere thanks to Marshall for allowing me to spend this time with him, and sharing his insight and knowledge with me and all of you. Anyone interested in learning more about Marshall’s work, I encourage you to read his papers at, and follow him on Twitter @Paranovation.