Ted Phillips UFOs and Marley Woods with UFO Investigator Thomas Ferrario


Ted Phillips, UFOs and Marley Woods with UFO Investigator Thomas Ferrario

My guest for this episode of UFO Decoded is UFO Investigator Thomas Ferrario. Tom is a former MUFON investigator and long time friend and protege of Ted Phillips. Tom and I discuss his work with Ted Phillips and the infamous Marley Woods site which has been compared to Skinwalker Ranch due to it’s high frequency of UFO activity and high strangeness.

Tom and Ted spent decades investigating the site known as Marley Woods and have made some very intriguing discoveries and recorded some compelling evidence. They also conducted countless eyewitness accounts of the strange phenomena that occurs on a regular basis in this area.

What’s most notable about this whole conversation is that the activity has not only continued, but it has increased in frequency.

This is a fascinating interview and you don’t want to miss it.

Links to learn more about Ted Phillips and Tom Ferrario and their work:

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