UFO Abductions MILABs & Disclosure Melinda Leslie


My guest for this episode is Melinda Leslie, UFO Researcher, Investigator and experiencer.

I’ve followed Melinda’s work in the UFO Disclosure movement for a while and learned that she’s not only a respected and well known researcher, investigator with 30 years of experience on the subject of UFOs and abductions, She’s also the owner of a UFO tour company in Sedona AZ, where she has conducted over 1270 tours with the use of military grade night vision goggles, Sedona a well known hotspot for UFO activity, and Melinda guarantees sightings on each outing. 

She’s a multiple abductee that went public over 28 years ago and has a lifetime of experiences with the beings that control these craft. Sometimes referred to as “The Others”.

Melinda is also quite well connected with some very important insiders on this topic and is one of the leading researchers in pursuit of making government disclosure a reality.

In this episode, Melinda and I talk about her experiences as an abductee, how she became aware that she had been an abductee her whole life and how her abductions have evolved over time.

We also talk about MILABs, or Military Abductions. Melinda has done extensive work with abductees and is herself an abductee of this program. Melinda lays out in detail some of the things she’s discovered during her research on this subject and discusses the programs’ agenda, many of the methods used in this scenario and the people that are most often targeted. 

Then we get into the topic of UFO disclosure and Melinda shares her observations in that area. 

Finally we discuss how people can get more involved in bringing this subject to light.

It’s an information packed episode with some very interesting twists on this UFO Edition of Dead Hand Radio.

Thanks for listening.

In this ongoing series titled DEAD HAND RADIO UFO EDITION Andrew talks with UFO researchers, investigators, witnesses and experiencers to uncover truths about the topic.

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