UFO Crashes Gov Coverups Preston Dennett


In this ongoing series titled DEAD HAND RADIO UFO EDITION Andrew talks with UFO researchers, investigators, witnesses and experiencers to uncover truths about the topic.

My guest for this episode is Preston Dennet

UFO Researcher, investigator and author of 27 books.

Initially a skeptic Preston had no interest in UFOs, until 1986 when he learned about an incident over Alaska involving an airline pilot who witnessed a large unidentified craft and went public with his experience. Later while discussing the incident with friends and family Preston made a discovery he didn’t expect. People he knew and trusted were having similar experiences.

Since then, Preston has been looking into the topic of UFOs, and has spoken to hundreds of witnesses and experiencers.

In this episode Preston gives a detailed account of his interest in UFOs and how he’s evolved as a researcher, investigator and author, over the years of exploring this topic.

He goes into detail on how he’s managed to connect with and interview so many eyewitnesses, contactees and abductees.

Then we discuss the 1953 Kingman Arizona UFO crash and subsequent cover up by the US government. Potential causes of the crash, and what was recovered from the site.

We also talk about Sky Hub and the mobile tracking platform that Jeremy McGowan is building. And I pose some questions to Preston on Jeremy’s behalf that result in Preston dropping a nuclear bomb on me about another crash which I’ve never even heard about and will ultimately lead to a follow up with Preston on a future episode of this podcast.

And now dear listener, I urge you to suspend your disbelief, set aside your skepticism and prepare for this UFO Edition of Dead Hand Radio

Thanks for listening