UFOs and Nukes Jeremy McGowan


RUNTIME – 2:16

My guest for this episode of Dead Hand Radio is Jeremy McGowan. Jeremy is a US Air Force veteran, a researcher and UFO experiencer and goes into depth on his encounter with a UFO in the desert of Jordon while serving in the USAF during the 1990s.

This UFO EDITION of DEAD HAND RADIO is part of an ongoing series dedicated to experiencers, researchers and investigators of this incredible phenomena.

Dead Hand Radio is a podcast about the Cold War. It’s history and the effects it had on our culture, technology and the future of our world.

I first became aware of Jeremy when he appeared on season 2, episode 3 of Unidentified – America’s UFO Investigation. That episode was titled UFOs vs Nukes and Jeremy shared details of his encounter with a UAP during that episode.

Since then Jeremy has become active on Twitter and shared more details of his experience on various podcasts. Jeremy and I connected on Twitter and exchanged several messages which resulted in a meeting over lunch and a long discussion about Nukes, UFOs and his experience in the military. We also talked about his relationship with members of TTSA and his plans to pursue his interest in the UFO phenomena.

Fast forward about a month, I invited Jeremy to join me on Dead Hand Radio to talk about some of our shared interests, and the timing could not have been better.

This is one of the longest and most interesting conversations I’ve recorded and we covered a tremendous amount of information. There’s a lot of new ground that Jeremy has never discussed before. And we get philosophical about some of life’s most intriguing mysteries.

Jeremy is a fascinating individual and a rigorous investigator and I believe his contribution to the UFO community has only just begun.

I hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as I enjoyed creating it.

DEAD HAND RADIO is A podcast about the Cold War. It’s history and the effects it had on our culture, technology and the future of our world.

My goal is to examine these and other topics. To learn. To educate. To entertain and exchange ideas with those interested.

So join me, and together we’ll explore a fascinating period of history and examine some incredible advancements in weapons, technology, science, art and culture and discuss how all of it relates to the future of our world.

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In this ongoing series titled DEAD HAND RADIO UFO EDITION Andrew talks with UFO researchers, investigators, witnesses and experiencers to uncover truths about the topic.