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My guest today is Host of That UFO Podcast, Andy McGrillen

Andy is a podcaster, Scottish by birth and currently lives in the North East part of England with his wife and two children. Aside from being a podcaster, father and husband, Andy also has a lifelong interest in UFOs and he’s interviewed many well known members of the UFO community.

Andy and I met on Twitter, of course. Even though we live on different continents, the Internet being the most powerful communication medium ever, has made it possible to connect with people all around the world. When I discovered That UFO Podcast I reached out to him because of my own fascination with UFOs.

After several texts, I figured there’s certainly enough Cold War related UFO incidents worth diving into on this show, and I invited him on to discuss some of these events.

This episode will focus on UFOs and Aliens, and for listeners who tune in to hear about the cold war, don’t run away just yet. The cold war era had many UFO sightings and Alien encounters. In fact, the UFO phenomena actually became popular during the cold war.

To start, the Roswell Incident, which occurred in 1947, involved the crash landing of an unidentified craft, in the New Mexico desert near the town of Roswell. That incident was preceded by another very well known sighting just a few days earlier by pilot Kenneth Arnold who witnessed 9 saucer shaped craft flying at unimaginable speeds in the skies of southern Washington, between Mt Rainier and Mt Adams. It was this encounter that resulted in the term “flying saucers”.

These are only two of the UFO events recorded during the cold war era. And if you’re still not convinced this subject is interesting, stick around til the end for a bonus segment. And I’ll share a case that’ll leave you wondering what these things are and why they’re here.

Finally, I’d like to mention that I really enjoy Andy’s podcast. He takes a very professional approach to his interviews, while at the same time maintains an easy and laid back atmosphere, but doesn’t shy away from getting into sensitive areas and asking hard questions that elicit interesting responses from his guests.

For these reasons I’ve invited Andy McGrillen to be my guest and discuss UFOs and the Military on this episode of Dead Hand Radio.


The following is  a UFO case  that took place at a nuclear missile base, during a time of extreme tension between the US and Soviet Union.

Before I get into that case I have an announcement.

Tales from the Cold War is a new addition to DEAD HAND RADIO and is an ongoing series that will focus on cold war issues and is almost like an episode within an episode. As the podcast evolves, more changes like this will likely be added. When I started DHR my intention was to not only bring on guests for interviews, but also to conduct solo episodes in which I explore a specific cold war related incident, or technology, but I enjoy doing the interviews so much, I haven’t had time to do any solo episodes. So maybe this is a good solution. The great thing about it is, you get more content in each episode, I get to share content that’s really interesting to me, and deliver full length episodes to you on a regular basis.

By the way, if you enjoy this new segment, or even if you don’t, please let me know. It’s tough to get a read on what works and what doesn’t unless I get some feedback. Don’t be afraid to hurt my feelings, just don’t be cruel about it. Your questions, comments and suggestions are more helpful to me than you can imagine. And NOW…

Tales from the Cold War – The Malmstrom AFB Nuclear Missile / UFO Incident

March 1967, Malmstrom Air Force Base, Central Montana, near Great Falls.

Malmstrom is one of many nuclear bases, positioned throughout the Northern Midwest United States. This was a time of extreme tension between the US and the former Soviet Union. This was the Cold War. The US was in a shooting war with VietNam and Malmstrom had a total of 150 Minuteman Nuclear capable, Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) at the ready. Their mission was clear; Maintain a state of constant readiness in the event of Nuclear war with the Soviets.

The following event was reported by multiple active duty military personnel including Captain Robert L. Salas, who later wrote a detailed account of the incident in his book “Faded Giant”. The event is also mentioned in FOIA documents later released by the USAF.

According to Capt Salas, he and his commander were inside the launch facility the morning of March 24 1967, when he received a call from security personnel at the LF (Launch Facility) who notified him that an unknown craft was hovering above the launch complex just outside the gate. Salas dismissed the report, but 5 minutes later his security detail called again, this time in a panic. The guard said that there was a glowing red object hovering above the front gate. It gave off a reddish, pulsating light, oval shaped. He and his fellow guards were terrified and had weapons ready. They were asking for orders and all Salas could do was tell them to “make sure nothing entered the gated area” and he hung up the phone. Just as he was about to tell his commander about the report, the missiles started shutting down. More precisely they were rendered “No Go”, which means they were not capable of being launched.

Some time later Salas learned that the missiles would require almost a full day to bring them back online. He also found out that this was not an isolated incident. A similar event had occurred at a different launch complex, in the area. It should also be noted that there were multiple sightings of UFOs reported near the base by civilian and law enforcement witnesses prior to the March 24 incident.

Capt Salas also mentions in his book that much later he learned about yet another nearly identical incident that occurred in Great Falls Montana in the Spring of 1966 which resulted in the complete shutdown of all 10 nuclear weapons at that location as well.

This is a fascinating incident and I’m just scratching the surface of the implications of this case and the magnitude of the alleged cover up that followed.

Captain Salas says that these incidents are not the only times that UFOs have been present during complete shutdowns of multiple nuclear weapons. The number of incidents is quite alarming and Salas believes these are warnings for humanity to end their quest for domination of the world through the use of nuclear weapons.

That’s it for this bonus episode of Tales from the Cold War. Like I said, if you like this additional segment, or even if you don’t, let me know what you think. And if you’d like to come on the show to talk about it, keep listening to find out how.


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