Abandoned Las Vegas is a photo series that showcases sections of Las Vegas, Nevada that have been condemned, overrun by homeless, abandoned and otherwise uninhabited by the majority of the residents of the city.

Abandoned Las Vegas

Abandoned Las Vegas was shot in May 2019 as part of my Abandoned Photography series, which features many other abandoned locations within the Las Vegas area and also locations near Las Vegas, NV. I’ve been working on this series for years and continue to expand the project as I discover new and interesting abandoned locations. 

Abandoned Las Vegas

I have visited these abandoned sections of Las Vegas multiple times to document the beauty of the artwork that can be found in these neighborhoods, and showcase the contrast in a city filled with wealth and abundance, that exists within blocks of completely unoccupied buildings.

Abandoned locations are some of my favorite places to shoot photography and graffiti is one of my favorite subjects to capture. I conduct photo sessions both day and night to ensure that I get a variety of colors, lighting and shadowing effects in my images, and I always edit in post-production to get the best colors possible, and to achieve the look and feel that most closely reflects the natural aesthetics of these locations. Be sure to check out my Vegas Night Ops series to see what these abandoned locations look like at night.

Abandoned Las Vegas

As with all of my abandoned photography excursions I always set out to document locations that are not often visited by others, find landscapes that have a certain look to them, and embody the visual spirit of an abandoned or post-apocalyptic world. Also go here to check out my Post-Apocalyptic Photography project titled Atomic Desert – Visions of the Apocalypse.

Ever since I was very young, I’ve had a fascination with nuclear war, Armageddon, the apocalypse and the end of the world. This journey of capturing my visions of the apocalypse with my photography has only been a few years but it continues to intrigue me and satisfy an itch that I can’t quite describe. My tagline is Radioactive – Massively Creative, Explosive Design. 

This photo set is a collection of 21 images of abandoned Las Vegas