My skill as a photographer continues to evolve and this journey continues to be a physically challenging and emotionally fulfilling exploration of technical skill, physical endurance and artistic expression. I truly enjoy exploring desert landscapes, abandoned buildings and austere places where few humans go and sharing those experiences through my photography. I hope you enjoy the work as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it.

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In my Post-Apocalyptic Photography series, I showcase how the world of today, sometimes reflects the apocalyptic worlds of fantasy / fiction writers, filmmakers and other story tellers.

Abandoned Photography


Desert Photography is a series of landscape photography. I first started shooting landscapes to capture the exquisite beauty of the desert, and have since began to include various other landscapes into this series. Including ocean and beach shots, some wildlife and will continue to add more to this expanding shelf of my portfolio.

Andrew Hall Desert Photography

Desert Photography


Industrial is a series of photos that I’ve only recently begun. These images illustrate the grand presence of the machine world in our everyday lives, which is not often seen by most people. These complex structures and elaborate systems are the magic behind our daily existence and yet go unnoticed by most people. This project attempts to bring these images to the fore of our consciousness.

Industrial Photography


Night Ops is a series of photos I’ve taken that captures the mystique and beauty, only achievable in low light conditions. This type of photography is very difficult to get right, and requires extra time and planning to execute successfully.

Night Photography


Military Photography includes images captured at events, air shows, museums and military demonstrations. This section of my portfolio is continuing to expand and showcases new images on a regular basis.

Military Photography


The Logo and slogan for Atomic Desert were created by me. The intent early on was to build a brand around my Abandoned Photography, with a post-apocalyptic theme. This idea has evolved and all of my photography can now be found in one place. I just felt this would be easier for people who are interested in seeing my Artistic Photography as well as my commercial photography.

WARNING: All content is Radioactive: Massively Creative Explosive Design.

Post-Apocalyptic Photography - Atomic Desert