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Area 51 Photography is part of a new series that I just started this month Dec 2020. The working title of this project for now will be UAP DATA and is focused on the collection of photographic evidence and possibly audio evidence to help answer some of the questions surrounding the UFO / UAP Mystery.

It’s not my intention to try and “Prove” that UFOs exist. I feel like that question is already answered. Many eyewitnesses, documents, photographic and physical evidence have been collected over the 70 plus years since the infamous Roswell incident.

I think the questions that are important to seek answers to are:

  • What are these craft?
  • Where are they from?
  • Who / What is controlling them?
  • What is their interest in humans and the Earth?
  • How long have they been here?
  • What can we learn from them?


All of these questions and hundreds more are examined and discussed in great detail on my podcast Dead Hand Radio. While it’s important to talk with others to better understand this mystery, I’m intent on collecting data and capturing evidence myself, which will help me better understand the phenomena itself.

Area 51 Photography

Along the way, I’ve decided that the journey is as important, if not more important than finding the answers I’m searching for. For that reason, I’m documenting the expeditions I embark on, often accompanied by my wife, and sharing those experiences with anyone who’s interested in my findings.


My wife and I went out to “The Black Mailbox” near Area 51 Nevada. We spent the day traveling around the countryside, exploring several points of interest and documenting our excursion. We were joined by another truth seeker, Bruce Bradley, who knows the area very well. Bruce is something of a local legend and the unofficial caretaker of the black mailbox. He’s been out there countless numbers of times and gave the two of us the grand tour. Many thanks to Bruce for his kindness and patience he showed us during on our travels. What an amazing person he is.


Our first stop was the entry point to the Extraterrestrial Highway for a quick photo op, then we went on to the Alien Research center. A fantastic UFO themed gift shop with thousands of keepsakes and memorabilia to commemorate anyone’s journey to this desolate location.

Area 51 Photography


Next stop was the black mailbox itself. Originally made famous because of Bob Lazar and his buddies Gene Huff and John Lear, who went out there to witness alleged UFOs that Lazar claims he had worked on at a location designated S4 which is just south of Area 51.

The Black Mailbox Area 51 Photography


After stopping at the black mailbox and shooting a few photos, we proceeded another 20 miles to the west and stopped at the tiny town of Rachel NV. Best known for being a way-station to weary travelers visiting this out of the way part of Nevada. A few more photos here and we were on the road again, this time Off-roading to the south west where we eventually ended up at the back gate of Area 51.

Rachel Nevada Area 51 Photography


The back gate is literally a gate, with a couple of small temporary structures, also known as guard shacks, and a ton of warning signs. Do not enter, Restricted area etc. Of course Area 51 Photography is prohibited, so we may or may not have proceeded to shoot some photos of the surrounding landscape, waved at the cameras, then went on our way.

Area 51 Restricted


We drove back to Rachel and had a quick bite to eat at the Little Ale’Inn and the food was excellent. If you come to this part of the world, you must stop in and have a meal at this little diner. It’s well worth it.

Little Ale'Inn Area 51 Photography

After dinner we drove back to the black mailbox where we setup cameras and settled in for a long night of skywatching and night photography.

Here’s the photos of our adventure: