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Creating Awesome is inspired by Creative Courage, a workshop by Alex Raffi. Also by George Land’s Creativity Test as a measure of creative ability.

In this series of interviews and articles I collaborate with writers, artists, entrepreneurs and other creative personalities. Through insights and anecdotes, they share their personal journeys and struggles.

The purpose is to shed light on who they are and how they do what they do.

Additionally, I hope to explore what these individuals are doing to remain relevant in their fields and stay ahead of their competition. Ultimately, my goal is to understand more about the creative mind and learn what makes people creative.

Liam Wong Photography


Photographer Liam Wong Liam Wong is a photographer with a background in the gaming industry. This experience has given Liam an interesting perspective as a photographer and that influence shows quite vividly throughout his portfolio. This interview is part of my Creating Awesome Series which attempts to examine the experiences, events and locations that may […]

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Artist Mark Cordory

Interview: Artist Mark Cordory

Artist Mark Cordory Artist Mark Cordory is based in United Kingdom and creates some of the most fascinating post-apocalyptic COSTUMES, PROPS & PUPPETS FOR FILM, TV, STAGE & LARP. During this interview we dig deep into the mysteries and beauty of his creative expression through this medium. First of all, huge thanks for accepting my […]

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Interview: Concept Artist Col Price

Concept Artist Col Price Col Price is a concept artist, living in Liverpool UK and creates some of the most stunning digital imagery I’ve come across. He has worked with a multitude of top film and gaming companies through the years and is currently pursuing a career as a freelance concept artist which has afforded […]

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AUTHOR TERRY TYLER Author Terry Tyler is a writer living the north of England. Her most recent output is a post apocalyptic series, and she intends to write more in this genre over the next few years. One day she might write a zombie book, if she can find a new angle… As part of […]

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Interview: American Poet Ron Gavalik

American Poet Ron Gavalik Ron Gavalik is a writer, poet living in Pittsburgh PA. He has written several poetry collections, and has been digging deep into the mysteries and beauty of his creative expression through poetry for many years. As part of my Creating Awesome series, this interview examines the experiences, events, locations and other […]

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Post-Apocalyptic Author JJ Shurte


Post-Apocalyptic Author JJ Shurte In this interview I talk to Post-Apocalyptic Author JJ Shurte, creator of multiple books in the post-apocalyptic fiction genre, including the Post-Apocalyptic Writing Guide, Days Too Dark and his most recent The Bastard’s Curse. This is part of my Creating Awesome series. A journey of discovery into the minds of creative […]

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Eric Ninaltowski Comic Art - Wildstorm colors by Thomas Mason


The following interview is part of a series that I started a long time ago, as a way to help new artists and creators get some added exposure for their work. This interview is with Comic Artist Eric Ninaltowski, from March 2018. Eric is a professional comic book artist who also specializes in Graphic Design […]

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The following interview is part of a series that I started a long time ago, as a way to help new artists and creators get some added exposure for their work. This interview is with Comic Book Artist Cliff England from Nov 11, 2011. I’ve started to republish some of my past interviews, and hope […]

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Planning and executing an effective outreach campaign using NinjaOutreach

An interview with NinjaOutreach Founder / COO Mark Samms. NinjaOutreach is a SaaS Application that allows subscribers to manage multiple facets of their marketing campaign. Some of the outreach opportunities you can manage via NinjaOutreach are: Outreach to other website owners / bloggers for link opportunities Outreach for guest blogging opportunities Outreach for B2B services […]

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Fantasy Art by Robert Marzullo


Artist Robert Marzullo is an independent comic artist with a lifetime of experience drawing and creating comics and other illustrations. The majority of his work these days is generated digitally, using a multitude of image creation software. He currently works on a Mac and has created some amazing artwork throughout his career. I first noticed […]

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Samurai by Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe


Making Movies In Las Vegas is part of Creating Awesome – An Examination of the Creative Mind by Andrew Hall In this Interview I talk with Wolfgang Muchow – Filmmaker / Screen Writer; Winner of the Nevada Film Office Screenwriting competition 2011 Introduction: Wolfgang Muchow is a Las Vegas filmmaker and recent winner of the Nevada […]

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Future City Holli Alvarado

Tracking future trends in technology, business, healthcare and education

Global Futurist, best-selling author and highly sought after business speaker Jack Uldrich has written many books and worked with some of the largest companies in the world. His work as author, consultant and speaker, covers such topics as nanotechnology, biotechnology, robotics, RFID, change management and many others. I first came in contact with Jack on […]

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Researching and writing serial fiction.

  Interview with Author Ron Gavalik Ron Gavalik is a writer and author of Grit City, an ongoing story of a dark and calamitous world where the nefarious rule. He is also the publisher of a new literary medium called emotobooks. In this interview Ron shares his influences, how he prepares for a story and […]

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Turning Your Website Into a Profitable Enterprise

Interview with Internet Marketer Phil Hampton Part II In Part II of my interview with Internet Marketer and Founder of The Comic Academy Phil Hampton, we cover how he plans to turn his business into a profitable enterprise and he shares his future goals for The Comic Academy. Advertising and Banners Ads I’ve noticed there […]

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Internet Marketing to Promote Your Business

Interview with Internet Marketer Phil Hampton Part I I recently had the opportunity to have an in-depth interview with a real Internet marketer. Phil Hampton started The Comic Academy a little over a year ago and is seeing some real growth in his business, by implementing a multitude of Internet Marketing strategies. His website and […]

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