Creating Awesome is inspired by Creative Courage, a workshop by Alex Raffi. Also by George Land’s Creativity Test as a measure of creative ability.

In this series of interviews and articles I collaborate with writers, artists, entrepreneurs and other creative personalities. Through insights and anecdotes, they share their personal journeys and struggles.

The purpose is to shed light on who they are and how they do what they do.

Additionally, I hope to explore what these individuals are doing to remain relevant in their fields and stay ahead of their competition. Ultimately, my goal is to understand more about the creative mind and learn what makes people creative.

The interviews conducted throughout this project are archived and available at the following links:

Writing Serial Fiction – Interview with Author Ron Gavalik

Future Trends in Tech, Business, Healthcare & Edu – Interview with Futurist Jack Uldrich

Making Movies in Las Vegas – Interview with Las Vegas Filmmaker Wolfgang Muchow

Artist Robert Marzullo – Interview with Artist Robert Marzullo

Artist Cliff England – Interview with Artist Cliff England

Artist Eric Ninaltowski – Interview with Artist Eric Ninaltowski

Author JJ Shurte – Interview with Author JJ Shurte

American Poet Ron Gavalik – Interview with American Poet Ron Gavalik

Author Terry Tyler – Interview with Author Terry Tyler

Artist Col Price – Interview with Artist Col Price

Artist Mark Cordory – Interview with Artist Mark Cordory

Photographer Liam Wong – Interview with Photographer Liam Wong

Author Carol Beth Anderson – Interview with Author Carol Beth Anderson

Science Fiction Writer Arthur Macabe – Interview with Science Fiction Writer Arthur Macabe