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Creating Awesome is inspired by Creative Courage, a workshop by Alex Raffi. Also by George Land’s Creativity Test as a measure of creative ability.

In this series of interviews and articles I collaborate with writers, artists, entrepreneurs and other creative personalities. Through insights and anecdotes, they share their personal journeys and struggles.

The purpose is to shed light on who they are and how they do what they do.

Additionally, I hope to explore what these individuals are doing to remain relevant in their fields and stay ahead of their competition. Ultimately, my goal is to understand more about the creative mind and learn what makes people creative.

Internet Marketing to Promote Your Business

Interview with Internet Marketer Phil Hampton Part I I recently had the opportunity to have an in-depth interview with a real Internet marketer. Phil Hampton started The Comic Academy a little over a year ago and is seeing some real growth in his business, by implementing a multitude of Internet Marketing strategies. His website and […]

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Business Survival in ’09

This month I interview Dr. Farshad Athari, DDS, Founder of PleasantSmiles Dentistry. Dr. Athari shares some of the strategies and insights he uses to combat this tough economy. Introduction: Dr. Farshad Athari, DDS, is founder and lead dentist of PleasantSmiles Dentistry located in North Las Vegas, NV. Dr. Athari started his practice just over a […]

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Marketing Insights – Part II

Previously, I interviewed Brian Rouff with Imagine Marketing and this is the second part of that interview. The response to part 1 was excellent and I’m sorry it’s taken so long to get part 2 to your inbox. Thank you for your patience and support. In part 2 of our interview Brian answers the following […]

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Marketing Insights – Part I

This month I interviewed Brian Rouff, managing partner for one of Las Vegas’ top marketing firms Imagine Marketing. Brian is a published author of two books and countless articles, he’s an excellent writer and has over three decades of experience in marketing. I’ve known Brian a little over two years and in that time both […]

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Dealing with a down economy

This is one of several articles in which I ask a client or strategic partner of AMI to share some of the strategies and insights they are using to combat this tough economy. This series is designed to educate and encourage you by introducing ideas from other entrepreneurs and to increase exposure to those sharing […]

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