Desert Photography July 2016

To capture this kind of light, I got up at 430 AM and headed out for this Lake Mead Photography excursion, dragging my wife along with me. I knew the spot I wanted to photograph and the drive was beautiful as the sun began to come up. It was a breezy 83 degrees outside, which for this time of year is amazingly cool.

There were very few other cars on the road, but there was one car on the side of the road and the driver was trying to change a flat. I stopped to help, but neither of us had the right tools to remove the lock nut on his wheel. With time running short, I bid him farewell and continued on to my location.

As soon as I arrived I setup the tripod and took a few shots. In the first few images there is a small hill in the foreground which I like, but I wanted to get some shots with the wide open landscape, so I had to trek out a few hundred meters.

After shooting for about 15 – 20 minutes at the first location, we moved up the road a few miles and found another location which was even prettier. The funny thing about desert photography, no matter how beautiful the location is, just a few minutes further and you’ll find a spot equally or more stunning then the last.

Hope you enjoy the pics.

Lake Mead Photography – Sunrise in the Desert