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Visions of the Apocalypse

Visions of the Apocalypse is an Expose on Post-Apocalyptic Photography

Post-Apocalyptic Photography Captures The Imagination

Radioactive Highway


This image “Radioactive Highway” was taken from an overlook of a Highway in the Nevada Desert. The photo was then edited in post-production to give the feel of a post-apocalyptic landscape. This was my first attempt at creating a post-apocalyptic look and resulted in the whole concept of Visions of the Apocalypse. The isolation of the lonely highway and the desolation of the desert are real, the clouds in the sky are authentic, but the colors were edited by adjusting color balance and saturation.

… the dusty road ahead leads to unknown destinations.

Post-Apocalyptic Photography

Abandoned Garage

The image above is part of a photo set that I recently published on my blog. Please check out the post for more post-apocalyptic photography.

The Logo and slogan for Atomic Desert were created by me. The intent early on was to build a brand around my Abandoned Photography, with a post-apocalyptic theme. This idea has evolved and all of my photography can now be found in one place. I just felt this would be easier for people who are interested in seeing my Artistic Photography as well as my commercial photography.

WARNING: All content is Radioactive: Massively Creative Explosive Design.

In addition to the galleries shown below, I've also had my Post-Apocalyptic Photography published in BarrenMagazine, ApocalypseGuys and others.


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Abandoned Train Depot

Abandoned Train Depot June 2019

Abandoned Train Depot June 2019 June 20 2019 12:03 PM Found this abandoned train depot while I was driving through the backstreets of Boulder City, NV one day. It was near an old railroad museum so I got the phone number to find out if someone would let me into the area for a photo […]

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Abandoned Drive-In


Abandoned Drive-In Post-Apocalyptic PhotographyMonday May 13, 2019 10:40 AMThis incredible Abandoned Drive-In Movie Theater sits just at the edge of a quiet little town near California’s Central Coast. The town is called Lompoc, and it’s where I met my wife, a little over 30 years ago while I was stationed at Vandenberg AFB.A short drive […]

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VISIONS OF THE APOCALYPSEWhen venturing out into the desert, or on an excursion to abandoned locations, I’m constantly on the lookout for shots that fit into a theme I call post-apocalyptic photography, and I’m obsessed with capturing and editing images that showcase that concept. This photo set was captured over several such occasions in different […]

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