When venturing out into the desert, or on an excursion to abandoned locations, I’m constantly on the lookout for shots that fit into a theme I call post-apocalyptic photography, and I’m obsessed with capturing and editing images that showcase that concept.

This photo set was captured over several such occasions in different locations and each image has been carefully edited to give the appearance of being shot in a post-apocalyptic world.

The shooting process that I engage in to capture these images can be quite challenging.  Typically far outside the boundaries of civilization and home to dangerous predators, deadly insects and difficult terrain. Add to that, weather conditions that are nearly unbearable at times, and it could be a disastrous experience for anyone attempting this unprepared.

Due to the austere nature of the locations I visit, I’ve written a guide for anyone interested in pursuing desert photography. The guide is called “Exploring the Desert” and is available as a free PDF. If you’d like a copy, just drop me an email, or direct message me on Twitter and let me know you’d like a printable version of the guide and I’ll email a copy.