Attended the Route 66 Fun Run Car Show in Kingman, Arizona on Saturday, May 5 2024. The event consisted of over 800 entries and was a huge draw, with people attending from all over the US. I saw license plates from Colorado, Texas and many other states.

These events are super exciting to me and it’s been years since I’ve had the time to spend hours just walking the streets, shooting photos. The weather was seasonally warm, and water was definitely a must. It was not long after I arrived that I realized I forgot to bring water. Fortunately there were lots of vendors throughout the event, and bottles weren’t too pricey.

Route 66 Fun Run

I saw some incredibly beautiful cars, which I’ve shared in the gallery below. Some of my favorites were the Mustangs, and of course the Cobras. There were classics, modern styles including a few of the new Corvettes, even some off-road entries were present.

The whole event was fun and I was very fortunate to be there with my Dad, my Sister and her husband, my Wife and oldest daughter and my grandson. By my count, that’s 4 generations of family and walking among these vintage and classic metal works of art was a fantastic way to spend an afternoon.

Route 66 Fun Run Photo Gallery

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