Desert Ghost Town was shot in June 2016 as part of my Post-Apocalyptic Photography series, also known as Visions of the Apocalypse. I’ve been working on this series for years and continue to expand the project as I discover new and interesting abandoned locations.

Desert Ghost Town

Atomic Desert

This desert ghost town is actually a small abandoned mining town in the desert of Southern Nevada, South of Boulder City. The place is called Nelson, NV and there is a real gold mine directly across from this tiny “mostly” abandoned watering hole.

When you first drive up to the place, you are struck with how remote this location feels and how utterly desolate it was for those who once occupied this stretch of property.

There’s a small Inn located on the property and the owner is very welcoming. He allowed my wife and I all the time we wanted, to explore the property and take photos of the many and varied cornucopia of visual pleasures that inhabited the homestead.

We saw mock alien corpses stored in jars on the kitchen counter, advertising memorabilia going back to the atomic era, and a multitude of strange and enchanting nick-knacks decorating the interior of the little place.

Desert Ghost Town

The owner told us tales of cowboys, miners and bandits that used to roam these parts, and stories of the fierce native Americans that once inhabited this desert landscape.

A few miles further south is an entry point to the Colorado River, where boaters and fishermen launch there vessels for a day of watercraft and recreation.

The gold mine is open for tours and is a must see if you make it down this way. I highly recommend anyone visiting Las Vegas, NV to make the 40 minute drive to this quaint little spot to see one of the best kept secrets in Nevada. And when you get there and talk to the town’s owner, tell him I sent you. He might not remember me, but he’ll appreciate the visit.

Below are some of the more interesting highlights we experienced while we were there. Hope you enjoy.

Andrew Hall – Desert Ghost Town