ANDREW HALL PHOTO VIDEO DESIGN & PODCAST is the website for Andrew Hall Photo Video Design & Podcast. These are my areas of interest and my skill set which I use to help clients grow their online presence and their businesses.


Currently focused on expanding my podcast and connecting with new people for the show. My main motivation for podcasting started as something productive to do when work came to a screeching halt. It turned out to be an extremely positive outlet and I’ve met some fascinating people through this journey. Work has started to pick back up, being self-employed this is excellent, but my interest in podcasting continues and my drive for podcasting, meeting and interviewing new and interesting people has only increased.



My skills as a photographer continue to evolve and this journey continues to be a physically challenging and fulfilling exploration of technical skill combined with artistic expression. I truly enjoy exploring desert landscapes, abandoned buildings and austere places where few humans go. I hope you enjoy the work as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it.


In my Post-Apocalyptic Photography series, I showcase how the world of today, sometimes reflects the apocalyptic worlds of fantasy / fiction writers, filmmakers and other story tellers.

Abandoned Photography


Desert Photography is a series of landscape photography. I first started shooting landscapes to capture the exquisite beauty of the desert, and have since began to include various other landscapes into this series. Including ocean and beach shots, some wildlife and will continue to add more to this expanding shelf of my portfolio.

Desert Photography


Industrial is a series of photos that I’ve only recently begun. These images illustrate the grand presence of the machine world in our everyday lives, which is not often seen by most people. These complex structures and elaborate systems are the magic behind our daily existence and yet go unnoticed by most people. This project attempts to bring these images to the fore of our consciousness.

Industrial Photography


Night Ops is a series of photos I’ve taken that captures the mystique and beauty, only achievable in low light conditions. This type of photography is very difficult to get right, and requires extra time and planning to execute successfully.

Night Photography


Military Photography includes images captured at events, air shows, museums and military demonstrations. This section of my portfolio is continuing to expand and showcases new images on a regular basis.

Military Photography



Video production services include editing, motion graphics, visual effects, audio and video production. Check out my page on Video Production for more details.

Video Production


My career as an independent graphics and web designer began in 99/2k. I eventually started a marketing firm in Southern Nevada,  specializing in custom graphics, web design and Internet marketing. My experience in business development and marketing have allowed me to continually expand my skill set and connect with positive, professional people.