Andrew is a professional photographer with state of the art equipment to give your photos the highest quality available.

Landscape Photography

Capturing the right location at the right time of day will enhance any ad or web page, when done correctly.

Event Photography

event photography for corporate events, trade shows, conventions, conferences and seminars as well as social events, birthdays and holidays.

Fine Art Reproduction Photography

Not long ago if an artist wanted to recreate a piece of artwork to output for print, he would have to take it to a specialized facility for large format scanning. This process is both extremely expensive and potentially dangerous for the artwork. With the advances in digital photography, today it is possible to capture a high resolution digital copy of an artists work which can then be stored as a permanent archive and used as a print ready file. Once digitized the artwork can even be enhanced or edited if the artist desires. Below are some artists' works I've captured using digital photography. For copyright reasons the images can not be displayed here at this time.

Virtual Tours

Product Photography

Used in designs for online catalogs, print catalogs, magazine ads. Also used to create digital archives of valuable artwork or other memorable items, such as legal documents. Getting the right shot for products can be tricky. Proper lighting, composition and perspective are very important when trying to capture the right product shot.

Andrew Hall started his first business, AMI Studios Inc, a marketing firm in Southern Nevada, that specializes in graphic design, web development and Internet marketing, in 2001. Andrew brings years of business development and marketing experience to the field of Internet marketing. As founder and creative director of AMI Studios, Andrew provides direction and expertise to ensure the continued growth of his company.

A career in marketing was not even a dream for Andrew when he graduated High School in his home tow of Vacaville, California. It might've been on a bet or a dare, but Andrew went into the Air Force and spent some time in the Air Police at Vandenberg Air Force Base, where he met his future wife. After being discharged in 1989 Andrew settled down and started a family with his wife Flora. A few years of working odd jobs such as limo driver, security supervisor for Segura Security and a few others Andrew landed a job in loss prevention with JC Penney.

That job led Andrew and his family into the Nevada desert where the job market was booming and the housing market was affordable. Arriving in Henderson, NV in 1996 Andrew and his family managed to buy their first home using his VA loan and borrowing money for the closing cost from his dad. Working for JC Penney offered good pay and stability for his family but Andrew always felt he was not living up to his full potential.

Leaving JC Penney after nearly 10 years was not a difficult decision but was a bit scary. Without a steady income Andrew and Flora supported their family by living off a small savings and the modest salary Flora brought home from her job while Andrew studied design and computers until he found a job working in the warehouse of a print shop. Starting at the bottom turned out to be a smart choice and Andrew soon worked his way up to lead designer, but still he knew he could do more.

After two years working in the print graphics business Andrew was ready to start his own company and did just that. Again Andrew left the security of a steady job and a paycheck to start a new career, but this time he had a plan.

Andrew started AMI Studios Inc from his living room in 2001. Working as a freelance website designer / graphic designer, he began building Flash websites for a small group of friends and clients. Hall’s philosophy that websites are not meant to be static forms of sales media has remained constant and is brought to life in every project he works on.

Since the beginning of his career as an entrepreneur, Andrew Hall has understood the value of strong relationships in business and has worked at forging key relationships that have helped propel his company to higher levels. The continued growth of AMI Studios is a testament to that endeavor. “We only work with customers who are interested in establishing a serious online presence, and maintaining that presence as an extension of their services.”

Andrew Hall has made significant contributions to the evolution of many businesses. Business owners and company executives often look to Hall for his experience and knowledge of Internet technologies to help them establish their online presence. He often works side by side with these business owners to bring their vision to life and in doing so provides the catalyst for many successful business ventures.

After successfully executing his plan to build a solid business model, Andrew is looking to the future. Once again as he is journeying into uncharted areas as an independent business owner. With a loyal client base that includes Nevada Broadcasters Association, VH1, Terrible Herbst and many others, Andrew continues to provide much more than web design for his clients.


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