Panoramic View of Lake Las Vegas

Panoramic View of Lake Las Vegas

This panoramic view of Lake Las Vegas was shot in the gorgeous Nevada desert 10 minutes from my home. The location I shot this from will soon be turned into private homes and inaccessible to the public. I’m fed up with our wildlands being sold and developed for profit. Back to Gallery of Panoramic Photography

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Desert Ghost Town


Desert Ghost Town was shot in June 2016 as part of my Post-Apocalyptic Photography series, also known as Visions of the Apocalypse. I’ve been working on this series for years and continue to expand the project as I discover new and interesting abandoned locations. Desert Ghost Town This desert ghost town is actually a small

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Valley of Fire 2024


Fired up the camera and took a drive out to the Nevada badlands, Valley of Fire, for a photo shoot in late Sept 2023. Spent the better part of the afternoon going to different points of interest, shooting everything in sight. The location is Valley of Fire about an hour east of Las Vegas, NV.

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Military Photography Battlefield Vegas


Monday June 3, 2019 14:13 PM MILITARY PHOTOGRAPHY BATTLEFIELD VEGAS is part of my MILITARY PHOTOGRAPHY series which includes images of aircraft, armored vehicles, helicopters, artillery, equipment and more. I’ve collected many of these images at museums, on bases and at public exhibits held by US Military branches, including USAF and US ARMY. Las Vegas, NV is an incredible place,

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Las Vegas Video

Video production services include editing, motion graphics, visual effects, audio and video production. Check out my page on Video Production for more details.

Video Production

My motivation for podcasting started in May of 2020 and it turned out to be an extremely positive outlet. I’ve met and interviewed some fascinating people throughout this project. After an extended break, I’ve started scheduling new guests and researching new topics to discuss on upcoming episodes. The podcast is available on YouTube and all podcasting platforms.

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The Lost Civilization of Atlantis

The Lost Civilization of Atlantis with David Edward

In this episode I talk with David Edward about the lost civilization of Atlantis David is an Author, researcher, former Army Intelligence and was part of the team that arrested Manuel Noriega. He holds 3 Masters Degrees and a PHD in Engineering, owns two companies and has written over 40 books both fiction and non-fiction. 

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Music the Cold War UFOs and Skinwalker Ranch


UFO EDITION 13 Music the Cold War UFOs and Skinwalker Ranch My guest for this episode of Dead Hand Radio is RedBlueBlackSilver, musician, sound engineer.and is best known for his work as composer of the soundtracks for Hunt for the Skinwalker and Bob Lazar, Area 51 and UFOs by Jeremy Corbell. Red talks about his

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SciFi Audio Drama This American Wasteland


SCIFI AUDIO DRAMA THIS AMERICAN WASTELAND SCIFI EDITION My guest for this episode of SciFi November is Podcaster Sean Ramos. Creator of the Audio Drama This American Wasteland. Welcome Science Fiction aficionado and listener of the Dead Hand Radio podcast. If you’re a listener of Dead Hand Radio, you know this podcast is centered on

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History and Background

Andrew Hall Desert Photography

A career in marketing was not even a dream when I graduated from High School. Realizing that my home town of Vacaville, CA offered little opportunity for me, I went into the Air Force to seek adventure and life experience. While stationed at Vandenberg Air Force Base, I met my wife Flora and started a family shortly after being discharged in 1989. Working as a limo driver, security guard and various odd jobs, eventually led to a job in loss prevention with JC Penney.

My employment with JC Penney opened up an opportunity to move my family to Nevada where the job market was booming and the housing market was affordable. Arriving in Henderson, NV in 1996 my wife Flora and I managed to buy our home using the VA loan and borrowing money from my dad to help cover closing costs. JC Penney provided good pay and stability for the family but it felt like something was still missing.

After nearly 10 years, I left the steady income and security of working for JC Penney and survived off the modest salary Flora brought home and our small savings. I studied graphic design and computers while looking for a job as a graphic designer. Knowing I would have to start at the bottom, I landed a job in a warehouse for a print shop. This turned out to be the right decision and it didn’t take long to work my way up to lead designer, but still I wanted to do something more interesting.

After two years working for that printing company, I decided to start my own company. Again I chose to leave the security of a steady job and a paycheck to start a new career, but this time with a plan.

AMI Studios Inc was started from my living room in 2001. Working as a freelance website designer / graphic designer, I started building Flash websites for a small group of friends and clients. Even in those early days, I was convinced that websites were not meant to be static forms of sales media and that has remained my philosophy for every project I work on.

Since the beginning of my career as an entrepreneur, I realized the value of strong relationships in business and have worked at forging key relationships with my clients. The fact that AMI Studios is still in business today, is a testament to that endeavor.

Clients often turn to me for my experience and knowledge of Internet technologies to help them establish their online presence. I work side by side with business owners to bring their visions to life and in doing so provide a solid foundation for many successful business ventures.

After so many years as an entrepreneur, working with clients such as Nevada Broadcasters Association, VH1, Terrible Herbst and many others, I’ve scaled down my operation and once again work from home. My focus now is to continue working with a small group of loyal clients to maintain and grow their web presence, while expanding my knowledge and skill in the areas of fine art photography, video editing and podcasting under a new brand Andrew Hall Design.

Stay tuned to see what’s next in this diverse and creative journey.