By Andrew Hall

Andrew Hall’s Desert Photo Video showcases a diverse range of creative projects, including photography, video production, and podcasting. His portfolio reveals a strong focus on desert landscapes, abandoned sites, industrial scenes, military settings, and various events. Hall is particularly adept at capturing the essence of the desert through different series, such as “Valley of Fire 2024,” “Area 51 Photography,” and “Desert Landscape at Sunset,” among others.


Through his photography, Hall explores themes like post-apocalyptic scenarios, as seen in his “Desert Ghost Town” series, where he photographs abandoned mining towns in Southern Nevada.

His work extends to night photography, employing experimental techniques like long exposure and HDR to create vibrant, neon-lit scenes reminiscent of neon noir and cyberpunk aesthetics.

Video Production

Andrew Hall’s foray into video production embodies a significant aspect of his creative brand, offering a suite of services that include editing, motion graphics, visual effects, as well as audio and video production. His approach to video production is comprehensive, aiming to encapsulate the essence of the subject matter, whether it’s related to desert landscapes, industrial themes, military events, or any other specialized content that his brand covers. This multi-faceted service enables clients to bring their visions to life, transforming ideas into dynamic visual stories that resonate with their intended audience


In his podcasts, Hall delves into subjects ranging from the Cold War and UFOs to science fiction and technology, indicating a broad interest in exploring complex and intriguing topics.

Andrew Hall’s podcasting endeavor is a fascinating extension of his creative brand, illustrating his commitment to exploring and discussing a wide range of topics through an engaging audio format. Launched in May 2020, Hall’s podcast initiative serves as an “extremely positive outlet,” allowing him to connect with and interview a variety of intriguing personalities, from authors and researchers to musicians and filmmakers. The podcasts delve into diverse subjects such as the Cold War, history, UFOs, science fiction, technology, and even paranormal activities, reflecting Hall’s eclectic interests and curiosity.

The podcast series includes specialized editions focusing on themes like the Cold War, UFOs, haunted stories, science fiction, and technology, each designed to captivate listeners with thrilling discussions and insightful analyses. These episodes not only showcase Hall’s adeptness at engaging with complex and speculative topics but also his ability to bring out fascinating stories and perspectives from his guests. After taking an extended break, Hall resumed the podcast with renewed vigor, scheduling new guests and topics to enrich the listening experience. The availability of the podcast on YouTube and various podcasting platforms ensures broad accessibility, inviting a wide audience to explore the intriguing worlds Hall discusses.

Through his podcasting, Andrew Hall extends the narrative and aesthetic qualities of his photography and video work into the auditory realm, creating a multidimensional brand experience. This endeavor underscores his talent for storytelling across mediums and his dedication to fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the multifaceted subjects he explores.

Career Background

Hall’s career began after serving in the Air Force, followed by various jobs before finding his passion in graphic design and photography. He founded AMI Studios Inc from his living room in 2001, initially focusing on website and graphic design before expanding into photography and video production. His commitment to building strong relationships with clients and his philosophy that websites should not be static forms of media have been central to his approach and success.

In summary, Andrew Hall – Desert Photo Video represents a rich and varied body of work that covers a wide spectrum of creative endeavors, from captivating desert photography and night photography to innovative podcasts discussing historical and speculative topics. His journey from an Air Force serviceman to a successful entrepreneur in the creative field is a testament to his adaptability, skill, and continuous pursuit of knowledge and exploration within the realms of photography, video, and beyond.